PLEASANTVILLE — The Pleasantville School Board approved a one-year sharing agreement with Earlham Community School District this week.

The position shared will be the district superintendent. Pleasantville approved the agreement on Tuesday, and Earlham approved on Wednesday.

The term operational sharing is not new to the Pleasantville School District. The district already shares a maintenance director with Knoxville Schools, and a human resources director with Knoxville and Pella schools.

Sharing positions allows the district to receive additional funding through the state’s program to incentivize such sharing of resources. At this year’s count, Pleasantville will get credit for eight additional students, which means an additional $56,384 in state funding.

Board president Mark Core said in a statement the sharing of best practices between similarly-sized districts is where the real value comes in.

Earlham is about 44 miles west of Pleasantville, or a roughly one-hour drive.

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