PELLA — Pella Regional Health Center has received a donation from Ralph and Elaine Jaarsma and the late Ethel Jaarsma to purchase two Clorox Total 360 Systems.

“It is important to keep the hospital as safe and clean as possible for patients, staff and the community,” said Elaine Jaarsma. “The Clorox Total 360 Systems can help and we are glad to support the hospital in this way.”

The electrostatic sprayers applies Clorox sanitizers and disinfectants to all surfaces. The machines creates an electrostatic field, which helps the disinfectant stick to even hard to reach areas. It can cover several square feet per hour, so a standard patient room can be disinfected in less than 60 minutes. After five to ten minutes of drying time, you can reenter the treated space.

“The machines are another layer of defense that will help us be more detailed and efficient in certain situations,” said Kevin DenHartog, manager of Environmental Services at Pella Regional. “The Environmental staff does an excellent job of disinfecting our facilities every day. If there is a way to make our facility even safer for our patients, visitors, and our staff, as well as reducing the time it takes to disinfect items, it is a win-win situation.”

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