PELLA — The Pella City Council approved of a license for a popular local business to sell alcoholic beverages during their Tuesday night meeting.

The owners of Dutchfix, Jason and Valerie Bandstra, applied for a new class C liquor license with Sunday sales privileges, which will become effective July 15.

The two submitted a letter stating they’ll be adding a basement lounge and cafe to their building located at 621 Franklin Street.

The basement will provide alcoholic beverages for patrons over the age of 21. The term of the new license will last for 12 months and will expire on July 14, 2022.

Additionally, the council approved a proposal from Pella Main Street Market, LLC, to allow economic development grants to construct a grocery store and cafe.

The council also approved three resolutions with Garden and Associates for two engineering services contracts and approved a new agreement for both ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects.

When the meeting transitioned to public comments, several people showed up to discuss the controversy relating to the transgender patron’s attire at the Pella Aquatic Center.

Many of the attendees asked the council to take action on the pool policy, saying the attire was indecent exposure. Other people said they felt the attire was pushing a political agenda.

At one point, several people were interrupting a comment, leading Pella Mayor Don DeWaard telling everyone the meeting will immediately end if the interruption continues.

“When you want to make a comment, you're doing it here,” DeWaard said, referring to the podium. “Otherwise, respect someone else speaking.”

Mayor Don DeWaard said the council has been in contact with the community pool, and he instructed the pool staff to allow refunds for customers if they request it.

“It takes a little time to establish what that's going to be, so be patient, that will be an option,” DeWaard said.

The next Pella City Council Meeting on July 20, beginning at 6 p.m.

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