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OSKALOOSA — A wide variety of boards and commissions have openings available for those willing to serve their community.

Airport Commission — There is one vacancy. Each term is for six years. The airport commission meets the first Monday of each month at Oskaloosa Municipal Airport, located at 2973 Urbana Ave. The commission retains the services of an airport manager and fixed-based operator, sets rates for hangar rentals and sets fuel prices. The commission works with the city’s airport liaison and the FBO to accomplish projects and improvements at the airport.

Current members include Chairman Steve Brown, James Johnson, Larry Lewis and Kraig Van Hulzen.

Board of Adjustment — There are two vacancies to be filled on The Board of Adjustment. The board is a five-member board that typically meets the fourth Tuesday of each month.The board has the authority to allow special exceptions and to hear appeals to decisions made in zoning enforcement.

Current members include Chairman Tim Murry, Wyndell Campbell, Cody Landgrebe and Scott Moore.

Building Code Board of Appeals — There is one vacancy for an ex officio member. The board holds appeal hearings and determines the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction and also provides for reasonable interpretation of the provisions of Buildings and Constructions chapter of the municipal code. Meetings are at Oskaloosa City Hall and occur as needed

Members include Pamela Blomgren, Ron Allgood, John Plate, Tim Murry, Douglas Shullaw and Royce Spoelstra.

Historic Preservation Commission — There are two vacancies for alternate members on the commission. One expires Dec. 31, 2020; the other Dec. 31, 2021. The commission conducts studies for identification, evaluation, registration and designation of historic landmarks and districts. The board proceeds upon their own initiative or upon petition and makes recommendations to the State Historic Preservation Officer for the listing of a property on the National Register of Historic Places. The board also reviews applications for certificates of appropriateness to alter designated historic landmarks or other buildings, structures, objects and sites within a designated historic district.

The board meets at noon on the third Friday of the month at Oskaloosa City Hall.

Commission members include Chairman Mark Tennison, Janel Campbell, Ross Knobbe, Cheryl Lockwood, Scott Stefanc, Eric Stout and Nathan Wilson.

Housing Trust Fund Committee — There is one vacancy for a three-year term beginning in February of 2020; and one at-large vacancy for a term ending Jan. 31, 2020. According to city information, the committee is responsible for policy and financial recommendations associated with programs dedicated to improving housing that are specifically paid for by the established trust fund. Appointments to the Housing Trust Fund Committee are are a mix of at-large appointments and representatives that contribute more than $2,000 toward the operations of the trust fund.

The committee meets at noon on the first Thursday of each month as needed at Oskaloosa City Hall.

Members include Chair Dan Adams, Vice Chair Tammy Sauer, Joe Caligiuri, John Grahek, Carri Vande Ree, Nancy Brown, Bernice Hahn, Royce Spoelstra and Noel C. Stahle.

Mahaska County Emergency Management — There is one vacancy for a two-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2020.

Mahaska County Solid Waste Management Commission — There are two vacancies for one-year terms beginning Jan. 1, 2020. The commission seeks, initiates and implements plans for development of an acceptable solid waste collection system and disposal facility.

The commission meets at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month in the third floor of Mahaska County Courthouse. City representatives on the county board currently include David Krutzfeldt, Alven Meppelink, and Janet VanDerBeek.

Municipal Housing Agency — There are three vacancies for two-year terms beginning in March of 2020 as well as a vacancy for an unexpired term ending Feb. 28, 2021.The agency governs the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program.

The agency meets quarterly the second Monday of February, May, August and November at Oskaloosa City Hall.

Members include Chairman Michael Collins, Matt Montavon, Jennifer Rice and Esther Stocker.

Planning and Zoning Commission — There is one vacancy for an unexpired term ending April 2020. The commission reviews and makes recommendations on plats, streets and parks improvements, comprehensive planning, zoning, proposed street names, street or alley vacates and other development matters. The commission is also responsible for recommending amendments, supplements and modifications of the city zoning ordinance.

The commission meets at 4:30 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month at Oskaloosa City Hall.

Members include Chairman Wyndell Campbell, Vice Chair R.D. Keep, Robb Beane, Pamela Blomgren, Scott Moore and Mike Sereg.

Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter — There is a vacancy for a two-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2020.

Those who wish to serve on a committee, commission or board may visit the city website, and fill out an application.

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