Onsite Manager Ivan Mulder to retire from Fair Haven

Ivan Mulder

PELLA — Ivan Mulder, manager of senior living facilities on Pella’s East Market Square, will retire at the end of the year.

Mulder has been managing the campus since late 1995. A replacement onsite manager is being sought for Fair Haven West.

At one time, the campus was known as the Christian Benevolent Association (CBA), incorporated in 1907. The original building called “Home for the Aged,” was eventually renamed Fair Haven. Pella Manor and Fair Haven East were added to the campus in subsequent years. In 1995, the three buildings consisted of 150 senior living apartments. During the past 25 years, significant organizational changes, upgrades and renovations have taken place.

In the past, “Old” Fair Haven had 70 single room living units. Eventually, some units were combined for larger living spaces, and most had bathrooms added in the apartments. By 2003, the condition of the building was such that it was threatened with demolition. Mulder was instrumental in procuring Federal Grant monies from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) to renovate the facility. Following the renovation, the facility re-opened May of 2006 under the name Fair Haven West, with 29 independent living apartments for low-income seniors. Mulder then resigned as campus manager and became part-time onsite manager of Fair Haven West.

The CBA name was phased out while Pella Regional Health Center assumed ownership of the campus between 2000 and 2009. Ownership of the campus was transferred to Hearthstone, a division of WesleyLife in 2010. Hearthstone continues to manage Pella Manor and Fair Haven East along with Jefferson Place and the Cottages. The Fair Haven West facility is leased to HUD and operates separately from the rest of the campus.

Fair Haven West has its own Board of Directors and has been served by managing agent Darwin T. Lynner Company, Inc. (DTL) of Des Moines since the project’s 2006 reopening. DTL oversees the business and compliance aspects of the facility, while an onsite manager is hired to manage the day-to-day office and maintenance matters.

Fair Haven West has proved to be very beneficial by providing affordable housing to nearly 100 senior individuals since it opened. Admission is based on age 62 or older and established income limits.

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