Old stadium track will be refurbished

Angie Holland/The HeraldThe Oskaloosa Community School District Board of Directors meets in their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 16.

OSKALOOSA — The track at the old community stadium will be refurbished.

Oskaloosa Community School District Superintendent Paula Wright said the school board approved the track replacement at a previous meeting.

“I feel like we have talked about this track for a whole year. It just keeps coming back,” she said. “The last time, you guys approved the track, approved up to $120,000 for track replacement. When we actually firmed up the bid with MidWest Tennis and Track, the bid came in at $125,900, so we needed to bring it back to you for approval.”

Wright said there is a stipulation that if the top of the track is removed and the base is in poor shape, MidWest Track will stop and will be paid for the work they’ve done and the district will decide what to do next.

“If the base is in good shape and it’s going to just cost $125,900, and there’s very minor work to do to the base, then we’ll move forward and surface the top and get going for track season,” she said.

MidWest Tennis and Track was the only bidder for the project.

Wright recommended approving the contract. She said she has had several questions about the track and the old stadium.

“We are planning to use that for middle school track and middle school games and the band to practice. It will get used quite a bit, actually,” she said. “So we want it to look nice and be safe.”

The track would be available for the community to use to walk and run on as well, she said.

“So that’s important,” Wright said. “ So hopefully, the base is in decent shape and we can get the track fixed in a timely manner.”

Access to video production of extracurricular activities

Video rights for Oskaloosa high school video production will be bidded out. The topic was discussed and tabled at the June meeting of the Oskaloosa Community School District in order to do some more research.

A committee was formed and the committee met with school employees as well as representatives from MCG and KBOE.

Wright said the committee’s recommendation was to accept bids to the highest bidder.

“We are still not 100 percent solid like this is the greatest answer but I believe that we’ve come to an agreement that this is the best answer that we have right now to recommend to you,” she said. “It is a different recommendation from last time that I gave to you.”

Wright said expectations are for students to be included in the operation of all equipment, the students will be included in announcing and broadcasting the events. At a minimum, all varsity contests are covered, at-home events and football, boys and girls basketball, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, baseball and softball will be covered.

“We would expect that a winning bidder would provide support during the events to coordinate with the local television station and communicate between the students and the station,” she said. “We would expect at a minimum that the winning bidder would assist the district with managing these rights with anyone else that might be interested in them. That all employees that would be working with the school district would complete a background check through the school and be approved by the school district.”

The contract should be in the form of an annual contribution, Wright said, and that contribution would be split between athletics and the video production program.

Oskaloosa Community School District Board of Directors President Shelly Herr said a priority for the committee was to make sure the students were the focus. Additionally, she said, the program has to be self-sustaining.

Wright agreed.

“This really isn’t about the money,” she said. “This is about the kids and making sure we’ve got opportunities for the kids.”

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