OSKALOOSA — Several students from Oskaloosa High School attended the 39th annual Iowa Student Leadership Conference – “Shine the Light” XXXIX, at Iowa Events Center, Des Moines.

The conference was held on October 27 and 28 and was attended by approximately 1,600 high school and middle school student leaders and advisors from across the state of Iowa.

This annual conference is sponsored by the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Association of Student Councils in partnership with the School Administrators of Iowa.

Seventy-seven members of the Oskaloosa High School student council, and their advisors, Kim Gile, and Dannitta Presley, participated in the State Conference at the IEC in Des Moines.

The Student Council Executive Board had the opportunity to present during breakout sessions at the conference.These members include Emmit Boender, Karson Swim, Meghan Moorman, Sullivan Tighe, Jack Dawson, Kaylee Johnson, Jessica Cunningham, and Rachel Frost.

Their presentation included information about how meetings are run, their constitution in which they follow, and the events hosted for the community.

There were 14 Iowa schools receiving the highest award for Honor Council with Meritorious Distinction including Oskaloosa High School. There were also seven Iowa High Schools who received the National Gold Council Award, including Oskaloosa High School.

Honor Council Awards are given to those schools who submit a portfolio documenting school, community, state, regional and national activities in which their council has taken part throughout the past year.

The award is based on a criterion of excellence which student councils are encouraged to work toward. Points are awarded in each category and total point scores are accumulated to determine qualification for the award.

Three sophomores were selected to represent the students of Iowa as a state officer on the IASC Advisory Board.

Rachel Frost of Oskaloosa was selected as one of the three sophomores. She was voted in as President Elect and will attend meetings with Mrs. Gile, who is the current vice president of the IASC advisory board and Sophia Dykstra, who is the current 2nd vice president elect. Emmit Boender currently serves as a district officer for the Southeast District.

Vicki Carstens is the conference coordinator and serves as Executive Director for the Iowa Association of Student Councils.

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