Dracula: A Comic Thriller

Nick Ingamells (Jonathan Harker) and Sage Cochran (Dracula) have a conversation while Cierra Williams, Nadia Hudson and Serenity Murphy as the “Draculettes” look on. ‘Dracula: A Comic Thriller starring Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson’ will be performed at 7 p.m. Nov. 1 and 2 at George Daily Auditorium

OSKALOOSA — The tale of Dracula gets a comedic twist in the Oskaloosa High School production of ‘Dracula: A Comic Thriller starring Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson.’

Oskaloosa High School Theatre Director Allison McGuire said the play is much more comedy than thriller. The play includes familiar characters as well as some new participants in the ‘Dracula’ story.

“You’ll see some of the traditional ‘Dracula’ characters like Dr. Van Helsing; but you’ll also meet the niece of Sherlock Holmes, Shirley Holmes and the niece of Dr. Watson, Jennie Watson,” she said. “And they get roped into helping to drag Dracula off the continent of Europe and stop him from bringing his vampirism to Europe and to England.”

Six different actors will be portraying the character of Dracula, McGuire said.

“This script really brings out the idea that he is a shapeshifter, so he can appear as any person in any place,” she said. “So we really took that about as far as it can go with having that many different actors playing Dracula.”

‘Dracula: A Comic Thriller starring Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson’ will be performed at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 1 and Saturday, Nov. 2 at George Daily Auditorium. McGuire said the fall play is always the first weekend of November but not typically so close to Halloween.

“[We] just thought it would be something fun for people to get out and do on Halloween weekend,” she said. “It’s definitely a family-friendly show that you could bring kids to and have them enjoy.”

Nearly 40 high school students have been working hard preparing for the play, either behind the scenes or onstage, McGuire said. The show includes live foley sound effects onstage, making the play a mashup of a radio play and a traditional stage play.

OHS drama students held their Haunted Hallway last weekend, to great success, McGuire said, and will be busy in the near future as well.

“We had about 250 people come through the haunted hallway that the high schoolers designed and put together,” she said. “Next weekend, we’ll take 19 of them to Thespian Festival at University of Northern Iowa, where they will be performing duet acting scenes, showing short films, doing interviews and auditions for college scholarships.”

McGuire said a member of the troupe is also applying to be a state thespian officer this year.

“It’s a busy time for drama at OHS,” she said.

A new session George Daily Youth Theatre will begin the week of Nov. 11 with programming every day for different age groups.

Elementary school students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade will be filming, directing and editing their own movie.

For middle school students, there will be a Heroes and Villains camp, where students can work on monologues for future play auditions and increasing their confidence in delivering solo performances.

High school students, McGuire said, will be doing an “improv-bonanza.”

“They will be coming after school on Wednesdays. They can drop in on every Wednesday or they can drop in just one Wednesday if their time allows, and they’re going to be working on improvised theatre and improvised scenes,” she said. “We have an in-house improv troupe called the Improvjects for middle school and high schoolers at different times throughout the year. So there are some students who have been part of Improvjects since it started and we’ve got a really great spirit around improv at the Daily right now in the youth theatre.”

Cast and crew list:

Foley Artists/Musicians: Sage Cochran, Taylor Drost, Maddy Keough, Tandee Howe, Brianna Hunt, Anderson Keough, Ashlyn McDougall, Brooke Richardson, Zach Tarr, Cierra Williams

Dracula: Sage Cochran, Jaden Moore, Maddie Hamilton, Tay Millan, Mason Barnhart, Colin Fiechtner

Jennie Watson: Grace Richardson

Shirley Holmes: Lisa Van Donselaar

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing: Cayden Kinzebach

Sabrina Van Helsing: Jade Whitley

Wilhemmina (Mina) Murray: Lauren Milledge

Lucy Westerna: Ava Doty

Jonathan Harker: Nick Ingamells

Mrs. Lucretia Dobrinski: Amber Lindley

Dr. John Seward: Brooke Richardson

Renfield: Maddy Keough

The Draculettes/Workmen: Cierra Williams, Nadia Hudson, Serenity Murphy

Friars: Zach Tarr, Henry Peterson, Taylor Drost

Wagon Master: Brianna Hunt

Pizza Peasant: Ally Nolan

UPS Guy: Abigail Lindgren

All-Purpose Draculas/Londoners/Peasants/Sailors/Wagon Workers/Street Urchins: Mason Barnhart, Sage Cochran, Colin Fiechtner, Maddie Hamilton, Tandee Howe, Brianna Hunt, Abigail Lindgren, Tay Millan, Jaden Moore, Ally Nolan, Henry Peterson, Zach Tarr

Set Design/Build Crew: Joel Courtney, Nicholas Ingamells, Abigail Lindgren, Grace Richardson

Paint Crew: Savannah Cavan, Nadia Hudson, Maddy Keough

Projections Design: Emma Dawson

Projections Run Crew: Elliot Nelson

Light Design: Mina Kim, Andy McGuire, Allison McGuire

Props Crew: Nadia Hudson, Amber Lindley, Cayden Kinzebach

Costumes: Shelby Holley, Jaden Moore, Henry Peterson

Hair and Makeup: Marissa Katko, Lily Vernooy, Cierra Williams

Sound Crew: Anderson Keough, Maddy Keough, Brooke Richardson, Zach Tarr

Marketing: Brianna Hunt, Ashlyn McDougall, Grace Richardson, Lily Vernooy

Dramaturg: Anderson Keough, Cayden Kinzebach, Brooke Richardson

Stage Manager: Savannah Cavan

Managing Editor Angie Holland can be reached at aholland@oskyherald.com and followed on Twitter @OskyAngie.

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