The Oskaloosa Public Library will soon see a new library director begin working there in September.

The Oskaloosa Public Library will see a new library director start in September.

Oskaloosa’s Library Board of Trustees Chairperson Michael Sytsma said William Ottens, of Lawrence, Kan., was offered and accepted the library director position with the Oskaloosa Public Library. This was done after a series of Library Board of Trustees meetings, noted Sytsma.

A search committee was formed to field resumes that came in for the library director position, Sytsma said. After interviews of several individuals were conducted, an offer for the position was extended to Ottens, said Sytsma. The library board and search committee were involved in the interviews, he added.

Oskaloosa City Manager Michael Schrock Jr. has been serving as interim library director for the past several weeks. In June, Schrock said he would continue with his regular duties for the city and would not receive any additional pay as interim director of the library.

“Michael has a good hand on what’s going on and invested a lot of time and energy into keeping things going and worked well with our staff that’s in place to help keep things going in the interim,” Sytsma said.

Back in June, the Library Board of Trustees had set a goal of having a new library director in place by Sept. 15, said Sytsma. This came after the resignation of Wanda Gardner as library director.

“I think the fact that we had as many applicants as we did speaks well for our community,” Sytsma said. “Obviously, people researched our community before they would put their application in and it makes me feel good about the town that we had as many people wanting to come and work as our library director as we did.”

Ottens will start working at the Oskaloosa Public Library Sept. 10, Sytsma said. A reception for Ottens will be held at the Oskaloosa Public Library Sept. 13 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.


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