Each week, Publisher Deb Van Engelenhoven selects mugs (“let’s talk about that over coffee,”) and hugs (“that’s wonderful; well-done!”)


• Hugs to the staff at Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter for encouraging me to adopt a new dog. Frannie is an incredible dog and I forgot how much I missed having a dog at our house.

• A very big hug to all the parents that have taught their children to say please and thank you. You made my time volunteering at the book fair so enjoyable by reminding me that good manners are a gift to be passed down through the generations.

• A hug to everyone that has stopped being a Republican or a Democrat but have chosen rather to just be a good human and an American.

• To the Oskaloosa Fire Department for visiting our little ones in the KinderPrep and Kindergarten classes.

• A huge hug to those helping to preserve our historical Nelson House at the Nelson Pioneer Farm.

• To the staff at Smokey Row for their patience with a grandma and her granddaughters. Maybe we should get a mug for not making up our minds as quickly as we should.


• To everyone who, when approached with a task, the first thing they say is “It can’t be done” or “that won’t work.”

• To the drivers that don’t seem to understand that they need to watch for farming vehicles on the highway. It is dangerous to come up on them so quickly.

• To the idea that people can become addicted to, and die from, energy drinks.

• To those that don’t wash their hands and spread the flu because they don’t wash their hands.

• To anyone that missed the Arts & Crafts Show at the Southern Iowa Fairgrounds over the weekend. What a great event. Was worth braving a little rain and cool weather.

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