Either through absentee or in-person in Election Day, Iowans turned out to vote in this year's general election in record numbers. The Iowa Secretary of State's office said more than 1,697,000 Iowans voted in 2016, surpassing the record of 1,589,951 set in 2012.

Of those voting in 2016, 1,001,840 voted absentee, as of Wednesday morning. Absentee ballots postmarked by Nov. 2 and received by noon on Nov. 9 can still be counted.

The numbers translate to 67% of all registered voters in Iowa participating.

The numbers were higher than the state average locally. In Marion County, 19,316 voters cast their ballots compared to 11,398 in Mahaska County. That works out to about 78% participation in Marion County and 75% in Mahaska County.