Michael Meal

Michael Glesener will use this water filtration device to help improve water quality in India.

His food will really take him places.

Michael Glesener, 30, is using his culinary skills to delight locals and spread the word of God internationally.

About a year ago, the seed for what would become Michael’s Monday-Night Meal was planted. Glesener moved into an apartment on the northwest corner of the Oskaloosa Square at that time and, before long, he was hosting a regular Monday night dinner party for his friends and neighbors.

“After a while, more friends came and more people that I know from the area came,” he said.

Glesener is on the board for Safe Water International Ministries or SWIM. Many of his Monday night meal regulars have been asked to donate whatever they can to the mission effort Glesener will be doing in India.

Greg and Vickie Stout, who now live in Nicaragua after having done mission work there, first introduced Glesener to SWIM. The Stout’s knew Glesener’s father, Kevin, who was a pastor in New Sharon at the time.

Greg Stout will joint Glesener on a three-week long mission trip to India beginning this Friday through SWIM.

While there, Glesener said he’ll be help distribute portable water filtration devices in areas where water treatment is not at the level where it needs to be. The device, which can be operated using different power sources, purifies water that could otherwise spread diseases like cholera.

For more information on SWIM, visit www.swimforhim.net. To make a reservation with Michael’s Monday-Night Meal, call (515) 999-0457. The next available meal night is Nov. 28, with a 24-person capacity.


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