June 14

• Nancy Theobald to Robert and Samantha Mead; the property of 1107 North Third St., Oskaloosa.

• Bradly Wayne Korell and Melissa Jan Korell to Shawn DeGeest; the property of 702 W. Maple, New Sharon

• Deora Vernon to Curt Fowler and Lacy Fowler; the property of 521 W. Main St., Fremont

• Gary McDaniel and Joyce McDaniel; the property of JKAT Integrity Team, LLC

• Julie Ellen Hansen Revocable Trust to Nikolas and Satid Rule; the property of 1801 South Park St., Oskaloosa

June 17

• Ebbo Eastern Managment, LLC to Edgar Property Investment, LLC; the property of 2305 340th St. Eddyville

• Farmers Trust and Savings Bank to Jonathan and Sarah Kasworm; the property of 205 S. Pearl St., New Sharon

• Stanley A. Munn, Jr. to New Sharon Fire and Rescue Association, Inc.; the property of 207 E. Market, New Sharon

• Shawn DeGeest and Merranda DeGeest to Curtis K. Carlson and Ashlee D. Carlson; the property of 2360 Ashland, Tracy

June 18

• Phyllis C. Simmons Estate to Andrew W. Bonde; the property of 1009 S. Eighth St.

• Arly Beyer and Carol Beyer to Michael Fawcett and Stacey Fawcett; the property of bare land on 113th Street, New Sharon

• Christie Vander Veer to Larry Ott and Margaret Ott; the property of 209 Keomah Village, Oskaloosa

June 20

• Stuart and Kelli Jordan to Stephen and Whitney Blattler; the property of 201 N. Lincoln St., New Sharon

• Travis Scheffers and Caitie Scheffers to Maria DeStefano; the property of 1504 Orchard Ave., Oskaloosa

June 21

• Matthew Wagner and Lisa Wagner to Nathan Johnson and Kayli Johnson; the property of 191 Highland Ave.

• Jone Roquet, trustee of Edith Vander Linden Trust, to Brett L. Roquet; the property of 108 Phillips St., Fremont

• Mindy Samson, administrator of the David Sanders Estate to Jami E. DeCook; the property of 205 W. Walnut St., New Sharon

• Jonathon Mendoza to Travis Scheffers; the property of 1203 Arbor Trace Drive, Oskaloosa

June 24

• Estate of Janet L. Poe, Gregory Poe, Sharon Poe Hall and David Poe, co-executors to Nathaniel Aric Stam and Valerie Joy Stam

June 25

• Chad Dye to Kimberly Hudson; the property of 302 South St., New Sharon

June 26

• Jonpaul Rios to Colin Russell; the property of 409 S. B St., Oskaloosa

• Rahn G. Savage and Dorian L. Savage to Andrew Mart and Amara Suzanne Mart; rural property, Barnes City

June 27

• Kay Russell, also known as Lola Kay Thompson Russell, to Braden Wald and Kayla Lemke; the property of 401 N. D St., Oskaloosa

June 28

• Jacob and Brittany Dalbey to William Benson; the property of 602 N. Fourth St., Oskaloosa

• Talisa S. Voss and Jason E. Voss to Ethan Huyser; the property of 105 K Ave. W., Oskaloosa

• Jeff Foster and Karie Foster to VW Homes, LLC; the property of 1014 Ninth Ave. E., Oskaloosa

• Richard and Angela Waddington to Matthew D. Pearson; the property of 501 S. Ninth St., Oskaloosa

July 1

• Tracy Overbergen to James and Susan Wittenberger Revocable Trust; the property of 315 South I St.

• Elijah O'Lear and Brienna O'Lear, to Jerimiah Lobberecht and Bryanna Lobberecht; the property of 113 13th Ave. E., Oskaloosa

• Charles A. Lynch and Mary E. Lynch to Brandon Ray Patterson and Wendy Joanne Yeo; the property of 425 and 427 North First St., Oskaloosa

• Samual Gillies and Allison Gillies to Sara Cufr; the property of 316 Northshore Dr., Oskaloosa

• Chris A. Messer and Michael P. Messer to David Pope and Deborah Vickers; the property of 902 Ninth Ave. E.

July 2

• Jason Rauch and Kelly Rauch to Matthew Houser and Alesia Houser; the property of 601 21st Ave. W., Oskaloosa

• Erich Crill and Stacy Crill to Curtis Crill and Lisa Crill; the property of 1955 Zephyr Ave., Delta

July 3

July 3

• The Estate of Rita Gayle Voss; Jason E. Voss, administrator, to Jason Edward Voss and Talisa Sue Voss; the property of 1205 S. Market St., Oskaloosa

• Ronald D. and Mary A. Goodwin to Tiffany Skinner and Stephen Kisling; the property of 232 South Pine St., Fremont

• Mary M. Goldsmith and Ron Goldsmith to J.W. Wight and Tammi Wight, trustees of the TJ Wight Family Living Trust; the property of 1105 Fox Run, Oskaloosa

• Shawn J. and Angela M. Van Engelenhoven to Matthew J. Vander Linden; the property of rural 31.75 acres, Harrison Township, Oskaloosa