Mary's House

Calvin Silvers/The Herald

Owned by Sheryl and Rick Leydens

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a three-part series. The first part (published July 30) told of the history of the house and introduced Mary, who once lived in the house.

EDDYVILLE — Located at 506 North Third Street in Eddyville stands an elegant two-story home that was built in 1844. During the lifespan of the house, there lived a young woman named Mary. Mary was often enjoying an alcoholic drink or two, but one day she had too much to drink and fell down a flight of stairs, resulting in her death.

The new owners, Sheryl and Rick Leydens, have since experienced Mary’s presence while remodeling the house. While this may be difficult to believe, the Leydens want you to know that they’re not crazy.

So what kind of paranormal activity goes on inside the house? Well, let’s start with the staircase.

The Leydens mentioned there are times when they will hear a big thump coming from the front foyer where the staircase is located. Every time they check to see if something fell, there’s nothing.

“That noise, it’s Mary falling down the stairs again,” Sheryl said.

Sheryl not only hears Mary causing a ruckus in the home but has seen her floating from room to room.

“I’ve seen a white cloud, like what you’d see outside on a foggy day,” Sheryl said. “I’ve seen that cloud or mist figure venture around the house, like through the kitchen and other rooms.”

Sheryl has mentioned seeing Mary’s figure a handful of times, while Rick commented on seeing it only once.

Mary’s antics don’t just stay near the staircase but happen all around the house.

There was a time when the Leydens moved in, where every single night between 8 and 9 p.m., the upstairs light that led to the outside decking between the north and south bedrooms would turn on and off.

“Mary would turn the lights on and off,” Sheryl said. “Nobody was up there, the lights had been off all day long. My husband would be sitting in the living room, and I’m going through one room to the other and noticing the lights were being turned on. My husband swore to me he didn’t turn them on because he hadn’t left his chair.”

Rick Leyden has also had an encounter with Mary.

While the Leydens were working on the home, Rick had his bed located in the middle of Mary’s room with the mattress facing north to south. This seemed to upset Mary, as she moved the whole mattress so it would go east to west.

“Rick chewed me and my workers out for days saying we were messing with him,” Sheryl said. “We didn’t do it though. He was going to put his bed back facing north to south, and I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do that because she didn’t like it the way he had it the first time.”

The Leydens aren’t the only ones who have felt Mary’s presence, but also Sheryl and Rick’s dogs.

“The dogs will start barking,” Sheryl said. “From time to time when they’re barking, they’re not barking at anything. Nothing is going on. There’s nothing that they should be barking at.”

Mary’s stunts didn’t start when the Leydens moved in but had been going on with previous owners of the home.

“Some of the people who lived there before, or their grandparents who lived there, have told me when they were little they would be playing in the north bedroom (Mary’s room) and the toys would move,” Sheryl said. “They’d put them in one place and they would be in different places when they came back.”

Mary became very active when the handymen arrived to help with the inside of the home, especially with the painter and drywall person.

“Mary would go by them, and they’d feel a rush of cold air go through them,” Sheryl said. “They mentioned feeling things breath on their neck, felt the presence of somebody standing there watching them and saw shadows move across the walls.”

A worker who helped remodel the home said he’d see faces on the wallpaper face a different direction every time he looked at it. The same worker also mentioned how he felt the presence of Mary, and the house still creeps him out to this day.

This wasn’t the only thing Mary did to the handyman.

Located upstairs was an air compressor. The air compressor was for the handyman and was unplugged at the time, but somehow turned on one night. Once Sheryl got upstairs and saw what was causing all the commotion, she let Mary have it.

“I said 'that is enough, Mary,'” Sheryl said. “'Nothing is going to happen. The house is going to be just fine. Just leave it alone, and leave the workers alone, for Pete's sake.'”

The neighbors have also noticed some weird business going on inside the home. Some neighbors mentioned that they would see the lights turn on, but there was no power inside the home at the time.

“The neighbors would ask how is it going in there,” Sheryl said. “They would beat around the bush, but never wanted to come out right away and mention there was a ghost in the house.”

Some other interesting things about the home include, the house has never flooded (it has been said this is the only house to never flood in Eddyville), electricity would go off but no breaker would go out;  and since the death of Mary, any woman named Mary would die in the house shortly after moving into it.

Sheryl also believes that Mary is going to be staying in the house for a while.

“I don’t think Mary can leave,” Sheryl said. “I believe she is trapped in there.”

At the end of the day, Sheryl doesn’t mind having Mary inside the home. She commented on feeling comfortable and unfazed by her presence.

While Mary seems to be a friendly ghost, Sheryl did mention seeing a dark figure one time in the house. She said the figure did nothing but stand beside the front door, and since then Mary hasn’t seen it. This can be scary because a dark mass is known to many as being a demonic spirit.

So what’s the explanation for all this?

“I’m not a big believer in ghosts – I really am not,” Sheryl said. “I kind of go along with it, but I’ve seen things that I cannot explain.”

But the question remains unanswered. Is there a ghost in the home? Are all these experiences just tricks from the mind?

Writer's note: The Leydens have hired Riverside Paranormal to come inside the home on August 10 and hopefully make contact with Mary. I will be tagging along and reporting back our findings in the conclusion of this series.