Heartland Christian Counseling to take ownership of Pine Rest

Heartland Christian Counseling will take ownership of the Pine Rest clinic in Pella in September. 

PELLA – Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services will have new ownership this fall.

Beginning Sept. 16, Heartland Christian Counseling will own the Pine Rest clinic in Pella. According to Chad Quist, co-owner and director of operations at Heartland Christian Counseling, this shift in ownership will be seamless for clients.

“We are working to actively retain all clinical and support staff, and we are hoping that we continue to offer the full scope of services there,” says Quist.

The clinic will remain in its current location at 2611 Washington St., Westport Medical Plaza in Pella.

“We’re excited about acquiring the Pella clinic site because it expands our clinical testing and hopefully our psychiatric services as well,” says Quist.

Wife, co-owner, clinical director and psychologist Heidi Vermeer-Quist, Psy.D., is no stranger to Pine Rest or the community of Pella. Born and raised in the Pella area, Vermeer-Quist began her career at the Pella clinic, spending a significant amount of her professional career with the organization. The couple also acquired the Pine Rest Des Moines clinic in 2018.

“We have a long-standing understanding with Pine Rest, and we certainly align with Pine Rest’s mission and values,” says Quist. “We’ve tailored our particular clinic, Heartland Christian Counseling, to do that also in the Des Moines location.”

Quist says Heartland’s model is very similar to Pine Rest’s, which is to provide excellent psychological services and the love of God to the community. However, what sets Heartland apart from other mental health practices is their ability to accept all insurances.

“Not all smaller mental health counseling practices accept all insurances, but we will continue with the Pine Rest model we currently have in the Des Moines area, which is to serve all who require assistance,” says Quist.

Quist also says they are actively trying to meet additional needs they see in the community in a Christ-centered way.

Pine Rest Pella Clinic Manager Jean Holthaus, L.I.S.W., says the clinic reached out to Heartland about the acquisition. A Michigan-based organization, Holthaus says it was important to Pine Rest for the Pella clinic to have local ownership with a deeper understanding of the community.

“We felt like having someone that was local, that understood the culture, that had ties and could really invest deeply in the community,” says Holthaus. “We love the community and have been here for 40 plus years, but we wanted to make sure that it continued to grow better with somebody that was local and could invest more in it.”

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