PBIS assembly photo

Oskaloosa Elementary School students cheer as a dinosaur helps fourth grade teacher Sharon Wilkin cross the finish line during an event at Friday’s PBIS assembly.

OSKALOOSA — The first assembly of the 2019-2020 school year at Oskaloosa Elementary School year had it all.

The school assembly reinforced the importance of positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) at the school. PBIS helps students remember the behavior expectations of being respectful, responsible, safe and caring in the classroom, hallway, restroom, playground, lunchroom and bus.

PBIS extends also to the home, with support from the child’s family.

At the assembly, Oskaloosa High School cheerleaders got the elementary students pepped up for a fun assembly to close out the day.

Following the cheers and the school song, the lights went out momentarily, but the students cheered when they saw dancers had appeared, wearing over-sized heads of school staff. The dancers showed off their best moves, to the delight of the children. There was a pair of dinosaurs getting in on the fun as well.

Six students were selected at random to play a game of musical chairs. Then came the scooter races. Several pairs of students and teachers were paired up. Teachers pushed a student on the scooter to a line, then the two swapped positions.

The school-wide PBIS program establishes clear expectations of behavior and rewards those good behaviors. According to a letter from the school, these expectations specifically address bullying and provides a safe school environment and more time for instruction.

Consistent consequences and positive enforcement for all students is also expected.

“For the first few weeks of school we’ve all been working hard at the four Osky Pride expectations,” said Carolyn Pederson to the students, who responded with chanting ‘respectful, responsible, safe and caring’ before leaving school for the weekend.

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