Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore addresses the crowd at the William Penn University Penn Activity Center Saturday night during a rally to vote against the retention of Iowa Supreme Court Justices on Nov. 2.

Christians received a call to action Saturday night to vote three Iowa Supreme Court Justices out of office Nov. 2.

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and the Rev. Cary Gordon addressed a large crowd at the William Penn University Penn Activity Center Saturday night to motivate Christians to get involved in the political process. Moore was removed from office in 2003 for his refusal to remove the Ten Commandments from public settings. The Peacemakers Institute, in conjunction with the William Penn University College Republicans, Student Government Association and Campus Ministries, invited Moore to speak.

“It’s time for Christians to stand up,” Moore told the crowd during his keynote address.

Moore said that activist judges are ignoring the will of the people and changing the law of the land. He used the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision in 2009 to strike down Iowa’s law defining marriage as between a man and a woman, allowing gay marriage in the state. He said people can vote Nov. 2 on whether to retain the justices, and he urged people to vote “No” on their retention.

Moore argued that activist judges are going against natural laws that God gave man. Such laws include the Law of Procreation where birth is only possible with a man and a woman, he said.

“You have to stand on one side or the other,” he said.

Moore said society faces myriad problems.

“What is our duty as Christians? What is our duty as Americans?” he asked. Moore said Christians must become politically active.

Moore is a veteran activist in the “culture wars” and encouraged ministers to take a stand and make their views known on issues. He also praised ordinary people who have made their voices heard across the country.

“I’m encouraged by the Tea Parties,” he said.

Moore said the battle belongs to the “vigilant, the active and the brave.”

In a question-and-answer session, Moore was asked what people can do besides vote in the retention vote to counter activist judges.

“This retention vote is very problematic,” Moore said.

He said justices enjoy the power of incumbency, and many people do not know what they have done during their terms of office. Besides gay marriage, he said justices have let violent offenders and sex offenders go because they were not tried within 90 days.

On the matter of gay marriage, Moore argued that sodomy was against the law when the Iowa Constitution was drafted, and their overturning of Iowa’s marriage law goes against the state constitution.

“Liberals have no respect for precedence when it suits their way,” he said.

Gordon, the president of the Peacemakers Institute, said he is campaigning against activist judges to protect the institution of marriage.

“When marriage is in trouble, the nation is in trouble,” he said during his address that opened the event.

He said in the realm of natural laws that God the creator hands down, such as the Law of Procreation, “The church is the authority on marriage.”

“The Left doesn’t want to acknowledge the law of the creator,” he said.

Gordon said there are some troubling precedents occurring in Europe. For example, in France a woman petitioned to marry the Eifel Tower, and it was granted. In Germany, a court allowed a brother and sister to get married.

“When marriage can mean anything, marriage means nothing,” he said.


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