MAHASKA COUNTY — Mahaska County Auditor Susan Brown released the final canvass of the Mahaska County election.

In a previous story the Herald reported Elizabeth Haring as being elected mayor of Fremont. A write-in candidate, Sherri Baxter, won the election.

Barnes City

Barbara Davis was elected mayor. For the two open city council seats, Donald Baker and Nancy Dunnick received the most votes.


Jim Hughes was re-elected mayor. For the five open city council seats, Ron Kauffman, Dwight Teeter, Thomas Van Der Veer, Richard Thomas and Ron Ferree were elected. The Beacon public measure to change the revenue from the local sales and services tax to 100 percent for the general fund and any lawful purpose was approved.


A write-in, Sherri Baxter was elected mayor. She also received the majority of votes for a city council seat. Zachary Neff and Richard Beach joined the city council. Two unexpired terms were filled by John Van Zante and Dollie J. Horn.

Keomah Village

H. Craig Coen was elected mayor. The two open city council seats were filled by Paul Riggs and Mike Sinnett. Alyce Chandler was elected to fill an unexpired city council term.


Keith Beintema was elected mayor. Five city council seats were filled by Kimberly Sytsma, Charles Bogaard, Henry Van Roekel, Steve Nieuwsma and Dan Gleason.

New Sharon

Jeffrey Dean Long was elected mayor. The two open city council seats were filled by Larry Applegate and Ron Wyatt. A single unexpired city council term will be filled by Leslie Van Wyk.


David Krutzfeldt was re-elected mayor. City council member Robert Drost was elected to Ward 2. Steve Burnett was re-elected to Ward 4. Joe Caligiuri was re-elected as an at-large city council member.

Rose Hill

Kevin Molyneaux was elected mayor. The five open seats on the city council were filled by Jacob Dannels, Matt Montgomery, Terry Lowe, Aaron Molyneux and Channa McMillian.

University Park

George Toubekis was re-elected mayor. Harry David Graham and Joe Albright were elected to the city council.

North Mahaska Community School District

Michelle Sampson was elected to District 1. Dirk Wilkin was elected to District 2. Keith Foster was elected to District 3.

Oskaloosa Community School District

Amanda McGraw was re-elected to District 1. Sharma Parlett was re-elected to District 3. Charlie Comfort was elected to District 4. Shawn Moyer was elected to District 6.

Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont School District

Mark Hasselhuhn was elected to District 4.

Twin Cedars Community School District

Mike Weldon was elected to District 1. Kelly Carlson was elected to District 2. Jolinda Fairchild was elected to District 4.

Lynnville-Sully Community School District

No votes were cast for director at large.

Indian Hills Community College

John Pothoven was elected to District 2. Nellie Coltrain was elected to District 6.

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