OSKALOOSA — Melissa Van Dyne’s fifth grade class at Oskaloosa Elementary School certainly knows how to be persuasive.

The class was given an assignment with the premise that their family has decided to cancel Thanksgiving. The students were asked to write a letter to convince their family to reinstate the holiday.

Dawson Boretje wrote:Dear family,

We need to have Thanksgiving. For one, the food is amazing. The pie makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Another reason is it is so fun. All the games and jokes. Also it gives us something to do instead of sitting and watching YouTube. This is why we need Thanksgiving.

Emma Rowley wrote:Dear family,

I think we should have Thanksgiving. My first reason is because we get to have good food and we don’t get to have it every day. My next reason is we get to see family from far away. We only see them once every year. Finally, we need Thanksgiving because we get a break from work and school. To sum it up, we need Thanksgiving.

Eva Bjornson wrote:

Dear family,

In my opinion, I think Thanksgiving is very important. First, Thanksgiving tells you to be with your family and to be happy with what God gave you. Also, Thanksgiving is to celebrate when Indians and Pilgrims came and asked for us to help. Next, Thanksgiving is a time where people and family gather together in your whole life. Then you get to eat and have a good time. Finally, you get to spend time with what God gave you. Have a good day.

Ireland McGraw wrote:Dear family,

Today I am going to tell you why Thanksgiving should be saved> First because you can celebrate with family. Second, you can give people thanks or a note of things that they do. Also, you can spend time with family you don’t get to see very often. Lastly, is something every one loves! BLACK FRIDAY! And you can get presents for sale for Christmas. These are all the reasons why you should never cancel Thanksgiving!

Emani Toliver wrote:Dear Lenora,

In my opinion I think we should have Thanksgiving. One reason, I think we should have Thanksgiving is because it is a tradition and almost everybody does it. Another reason I think we should save Thanksgiving is because a lot of people don’t get to see a certain side of their family most of the time. I also think we should save Thanksgiving because we don’t always get to have ham, turkey and pie all of the time. So please give me a chance! To sup it all up, Thanksgiving is one of the most giving and delicious holidays we have.

Lauren Patton wrote:Dear Mother and Father,

In my opinion, I think we should keep Thanksgiving. First of all, we get to eat lots of turkey, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. It always takes us the entire day to make the food. Second, we get to see family we don’t get to see that often. We get to spend time with the grandmas, the aunts, and the uncles. Lastly, we get to have all the leftovers and we get to have Thanksgiving all month. All the grandmas give us the leftovers from what they made. That is why I think we should do Thanksgiving.

Tyler Edgar wrote:Dear Family,

Please don’t cancel Thanksgiving. First, we are able to meet family that we haven’t met in a while. Second, we get to play games and have a lot of fun. Third, we get to eat with family and talk about stuff. Those are the reasons why you should not cancel Thanksgiving.

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