Crystal and stone display at Enchanted 'Gifts'

Crystal and stone are displayed at Enchanted ‘Gifts’

OSKALOOSA – It’s been just under five months since Enchanted ‘Gifts’ opened doors at their new location and owners said business has been better than ever.

Enchanted ‘Gifts’ was previously located at 1701 3rd Ave East near Dollar General and Slumberland Furniture. Although the move was very scary for the two owners, Deb Beal and Joan Breckler, Beal said the felt they had to take that leap of faith.

“We were very stifled there. It was very small; it was an area very inaccessible to people,” she said. “We basically had to beg to get people to come in and I said even though I know it’s a scary move, we have to put ourselves in front of Oskaloosa. So that’s what we did. And I tell you, the doors open and shut all day long.”

Before partnering, both Beal and Breckler owned separate businesses, Beal was already at the 1701 location specializing in alterations and Breckler had her Reiki business that she operated from home. Beal said the two were connected through mutual friends, as people were always telling one about the other.

“Someone told me about Joan and someone had told Joan about me, so when we call I called she kind of knew who I was,” she recalled. “She had a couple questions and one of her main questions that broke the whole deal was, ‘Can I bring my dog?’ and I said, ‘Absolutely!’ So Bella has been with us since day one.”

Beal, Breckler and Bella came together and operated out of the 1701 location for quite a while, but even at the beginning of their partnership, they knew they wanted more.

“It was all about retail and just buying cute little things, we were deeper than that and we wanted to go farther with it so then we broke away,” Beal said. “We were not thinking about ever not doing it, people said that we were the best little secret and Oskaloosa. And we didn’t want to be a secret so I said okay, we have to get out of that box and get in somewhere that we’re right out there. And this is pretty out there.”

Since relocating, Enchanted ‘Gifts’ has also expanded their services and products offered. Currently, the metaphysical shop includes, but isn’t limited to, Reiki healing, psychic readings, meditation classes, intuition classes, and crystal classes. Products include books, cards, stones, crystals, handcrafted jewelry, teas, candles, smudging supplies and kits, incense and much more.

Breckler is a Karuna Reiki Master teacher with over 20 years of experience. Reiki focuses on balancing the energy that flows through your body allowing muscles to relax while increasing blood flow in the affected areas. Breckler said Reiki works alongside any medical plans or prescriptions a person may be on.

“Reiki works with any medication, it works with any doctor’s orders,” Breckler said. “ It’s simply a way to make things work better, even medications. You know, we get your energy flowing so that anything else we do is positive for us.”

Beal added that nurses are even performing Reiki in hospitals and clinics during pre-operative procedures to help calm and relax the patient.

When people think of Enchanted Gifts, Breckler said she wants them to view the shop as a place for healing for anyone.

“No matter who you are or what you do, we have something to offer you,” she said. “I used to be a college math professor and now I’m doing this, I emptied all that crap out and let all this guru in. So when people come in I want them to think of us as being a place for healing. Whether they receive the service from us or not, just coming in and receiving positive energy”

The relocated store opened Aug. 6 and is at 119 1st Ave West, where Central Vision Center once sat. Enchanted Gifts is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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