OSKALOOSA — A family’s dog is dead after being attacked by another dog which had been running loose.

Oskaloosa Animal Control Officer Terry Gott said two dogs were running loose and scared some children, who ran into their house. One of the dogs got in the house and attacked and killed the family’s dog.

Gott said the dog is impounded at Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter.

“We are also in the process of deeming the dog dangerous to the community,” he said, “So it will have to get out of the city limits or the owner also has the choice to euthanize it; one or the other.”

Gott said there has been some discussion about changing county ordinances regarding dogs running at large in the county.

“We’ve had quite a few incidents this year, dog getting loose and going to the neighbor’s farm and harassing and killing farm animals,” he said. “We’re working on drawing up a draft of what we think needs to be done before we present it to the board of supervisors.”

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