I Street

North I Street is closed for improvements in June 2009.

They’ve learned from this mistake.

Monday’s Oskaloosa City Council meeting found the council approving four change orders and a change to their contract with K. Cunningham Construction. These changes were related to the North I Street/M Avenue West project, which began this past spring.

On March 2, 2009, the city council approved a contract with K. Cunningham Construction for the project for $2,054,053. Since then a number of “unforeseen” change order items were presented to Oskaloosa city staff and Garden & Associates for approval. G&A are overseeing the project.

However, these orders were not presented to the city council for formal approval even though these changes would increase the project cost by a total of $43,290.

“I was aware of them, but I did not take them to council,” said Oskaloosa City Manager Michael Schrock Jr. “I will say right up front, this was my fault. Clearly, this is not how I want to handle this in the future.”

Former long-time city councilman Jimmy Carter said he was concerned with the change orders associated with the North I/M Avenue West road improvement project. Carter was in office on the Oskaloosa City Council during much of the project’s construction.

“I’ve expressed my frustration for some time about their workmanship, their quality of workmanship, their timing of their workmanship,” said Carter.

Obviously, this means the city will not go about approving the change orders in the same way in the future, said Schrock.

“If a change order occurs in the field, if it’s an emergency circumstance — yes, staff should have the ability to make the changes that are necessary. We would consider it an emergency change order and present it to you (Oskaloosa City Council) at the next council meeting.” 

Schrock said that other changes that would have a financial impact should be brought before the city council before going a head with them.

Schrock added, this plan of action has been made aware to both city staff and G&A.


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