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The Oskaloosa City Council discusses a resolution to implement fire department user fees at Monday’s meeting at City Hall.

OSKALOOSA — The city council voted on several resolutions at its October 7 meeting, including an amendment to establish new fire department user fees.

Oskaloosa Fire Chief Mark Neff made a presentation to the council that outlined the details for calculating fire response fees for both residential and commercial structure and vehicle fires, along with grass fires. The council passed the resolution to include the user fees in the city’s fee schedule effective January 1, 2020.

Moday’s meeting was Neff’s last one to attend as fire chief after 24 years of service, as his last day will be Oct. 17, 2019. City Manager Michael Schrock addressed Neff personally.

“I really do appreciate Mark and the time we’ve spent working together. Mark was appointed as chief prior to my arrival, but I’ve known him the ten years I’ve been here. Thank you, Mark, for your service and dedication to the community and best of luck in your next endeavor,” said Schrock.

A party to honor Neff will be held on October 17 from 3-6 p.m. at the fire station, and the public is encouraged to attend.

Zoning amendment

After a public hearing, the council passed a resolution to consider an ordinance amending Title 17, “Zoning”, of the Oskaloosa Municipal Code by incorporating corrections and minor modifications, including setbacks and off-street parking pavement standards.

Sewer improvements

After a public hearing, the council passed a resolution approve the plans and specifications for the Division 1 of the Phase 3 Sanitary Sewer System Improvements Project. The scope of work for the project includes reconstruction of sanitary pipes and manholes in various locations throughout the city.

After a public hearing, the council also passed a resolution to reject the bid for Division 1 of the Phase 3 Sanitary Sewer System Improvements Project.

After a public hearing, the council then passed a resolution to accept substantial completion of Division 1 of the Phase 2 Sanitary Sewer System Improvements Project by TK Concrete, Inc. and approve partial release of the retainage amount of $42,033.55.

Construction cost amendment

The council passed a resolution approving amendment number 1 to the design services agreement with SVPA Architects. That amendment increases to the estimated construction cost of early childhood education and recreation center by $700,000 to a total cost of $1,810,000.

Water service improvements

The council approved a resolution authorizing The Oskaloosa Municipal Water Department to retain the services of Garden and Associates to complete the design for water system improvements at South H Street, South M Street and 11th Avenue West.

The improvements will service a planned housing development, a current industrial expansion as well as upgrade the existing main within the system that was undersized, to accommodate growth.

Code amendments

The council approved a resolution authorizing amending Oskaloosa’s building code to be consistent with the 2015 International Residential Code, and correct errors referencing former versions of the International Fire Code and International Building Code

At the close of the meeting, there were some reflections and condolences for the family of former council member Jim Blomgren, who recently passed.

At-Large Council Member Tom Walling said, “Eleven years ago when I got this job, Pam Blomgren was a mentor to me. Our hearts and prayers go out to her and her family for the loss of her husband, Jim.”

Mayor David Krutzfeldt added, “Jim Blomgren was also a city council member and I’ve heard many times that he served as a mentor for many of our city council members over the years. He also served as a friend and a mentor to me in lots of ways. He also served as a judge, as an attorney and a county attorney. He’s had a tremendous influence in Oskaloosa for many years. His sense of humor and ‘big picture’ attitude is something all of us have tried to adopt as we work to put things in perspective. Oskaloosa is going to miss him.”

Staff Writer Richard Rindt can be reached at rrindt@oskyherald.com

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