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County Supervisor Steve Parker, Deb Bruxvoort, Beth Brostrom, Carri VandeRee, Ann Frost, Chris Kopacz, Becky Kramer, Jill Ewing, Curt Silverling, Larry Thompson, Bruno Silva, Pat McCulley, Mayor Dave Krutzveldt, Jeff Davis, Michelle Rupprecht, Hailey Brown, James Feudner and Paula Falconer.

OSKALOOSA — Larry Thompson, Plant Manager, recently cut the ribbon on the new state of the art production line at Church & Dwight, Inc. at 2360 Hwy. 23, Oskaloosa. Local managers, New Jersey partners, city and county officials and chamber representatives were also present.

Following a fire in October of 2016, many decisions needed to be made. Ultimately, the decision to rebuild the line was made. Church & Dwight, Inc., a $3.5 billion company, was founded in 1846 and is headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey. They are a leader in household consumer products and personal care products including Arm & Hammer.

The company’s business is divided into three primary segments: Consumer Domestic, Consumer International and Specialty Products. Oskaloosa’s plant, one of 13 in the US, is in the Specialty Products division and primarily makes feed supplements for dairy cattle—Fermenten and Bio-Chlor. This product leaves the plant in 2,000 pound totes, or 50-pound bags heading throughout the US and to Canada, Mexico or up to 60 other countries.Local history shows the plant starting in 1994 as BioVance, with Church & Dwight acquiring that business in 2002. There are currently 19 employees there with shifts working around the clock. With the completion of this new line, they will be producing at 2.5 times the capacity of production before the fire.

This news release was sent to the Herald.

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