DES MOINES – The Iowa Department of Natural Resources announced its involvement in National Shooting Sports Month, in partnership with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), by offering a series of classes teaching shooting and outdoor skills to individuals with little or no experience.

Created to encourage participation in the shooting sports and emphasize firearms safety, National Shooting Sports Month will take place throughout the month of August.

“We are truly excited to see NSSF promoting National Shooting Sports Month,” said Chris Van Gorp, shooting sports coordinator for the Iowa DNR. “This is the perfect incentive for our regular range customers to introduce someone new to the sport they enjoy and for those who haven’t been out target shooting lately to get back out to there for some practice.”

Zach Snow, NSSF Director said last year’s National Shooting Sports month was a tremendous success.

“Thanks to hundreds of ranges and retailers across the country reminding people about the fun and excitement of target shooting.”

NSSF invites experienced target shooters, hunters, or people interested in acquiring a first firearm and learning how to shoot to head to the range during National Shooting Sports Month to improve shooting and firearm safety skills.

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