Mahaska County Courthouse

MAHASKA COUNTY — The Mahaska County Auditor’s Office addresses last minute concerns absentee voters might have before the upcoming election.

This year, city and school board elections will both be held Tuesday, Nov. 5.

According to information from the auditor’s office, voters who are concerned their ballot will not be received in time to be counted have several options.

Ballots may be mailed and postmarked no later than Monday, Nov. 4 and must arrive in the election office before the county canvass on Tuesday, Nov. 12 in order to be considered.

Absentee voters may also personally deliver their ballot to the county auditor’s office before 8 p.m. on election day.

Voting at the polls is also an option. Voters may take their un-voted absentee ballot to the polls and surrender it to the election officials. Those who forget their ballot or cannot find it may vote a provisional ballot. According to the auditor’s office, provisional ballots will be placed in an envelope and the Special Precinct Board will consider provisional ballots on Thursday, Nov. 8.

Voters who vote early by absentee ballot will not get their ballot back in the event they should change their mind.

Write-in vote instructions are included with absentee ballots, as well as in each polling booth.

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