IOWA CITY — More than 7,400 undergraduate students at the University of Iowa were named to the dean's list for the 2020 fall semester.

On the list were 45 students from the Herald's coverage area, including:

— Colton Spaur, of Bussey;

— Kelli Spaur, of Bussey;

— Cara Roquet, of Fremont;

— Meredith Clingman, of Knoxville;

— Mason Donelson, of Knoxville;

— Victoria Dye, of Knoxville;

— Joseph Kesteloot, of Knoxville;

— Blake McClung, of Knoxville;

— Anna McDonald, of Knoxville;

— Cade McDonald, of Knoxville;

— Allyson Mitchell, of Knoxville;

— Ethan Murra, of Knoxville;

— Lucy Olson, of Knoxville;

— Tate Petty, of Knoxville;

— Brooke Willardson, of Knoxville;

— Allison Clark, of Leighton;

— Alicia Edmundson, of New Sharon;

— Tessa Fuller, of New Sharon;

— Kortney Banks, of Oskaloosa;

— Kamryn Beers, of Oskaloosa;

— Aaron Blom, of Oskaloosa;

— Aaron Bowie, of Oskaloosa;

— Savannah DeGroot, of Oskaloosa;

— Jessie Eveland, of Oskaloosa;

— Ruby Johnson, of Oskaloosa;

— Claire Kelderman, of Oskaloosa;

— Emma Kelderman, of Oskaloosa;

— Melissa Moorman, of Oskaloosa;

— Joel Ruiter, of Otley;

— Austin Adrian, of Pella;

— Makayla Kruse, of Pella;

— Kennedy Landgrebe, of Pella;

— Emily Masek, of Pella;

— Kyle McClun, of Pella;

— Vanessa McGuire, of Pella;

— Bailee Meyer, of Pella;

— Allison Paulius, of Pella;

— Jarod Robertson, of Pella;

— Colin Vasina, of Pella;

— Jennifer Wieser, of Pella;

— Tessa Hutchings, of Pleasantville;

— Kaley Iddings, of Pleasantville;

— Emilee Smith, of Pleasantville;

— Morgan Thorpe, of Pleasantville;

— Tianna Torrejon, of Pleasantville.

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