On Wednesday, June 14, a lone gunman opened fire on members of the Republican Congressional charity baseball team, severely wounding Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise as well as three other people. The gunman later died at a hospital, leaving our nation to wonder what motive was behind the attack—something we will likely never know now that he is dead.

We at the Oskaloosa Herald no doubt share the same sense of shock and outrage as millions of Americans across the country about this incident.

Our well wishes and hopes for a fast recovery go to Scalise, as well as the others who were wounded in the attack—especially the brave Capitol Police security officers who were on duty protecting the Congressman and other elected officials.

This attack is both troubling and unacceptable, and we at the Herald believe firmly that violence is NOT the answer to the rhetoric and rancor dividing our great nation at this time.

Yes, we agree that civil discourse is problematic, and there does not seem to be any slowing down of the animosity between supporters of President Donald J. Trump and those who have a severe dislike for Trump. However, no matter how deep the chasm is between the ideological factions in our country, we must not succumb to violence such as this.

Our nation was created to be a democracy by the people and for the people, with our Founding Fathers and Mothers attempting to create a new nation that could and would transfer the power of leading a nation peacefully and through fair elections.

No matter what your feelings are about the state of our presidency and those with opposing viewpoints, we must not reduce ourselves to the lowest level of conflict resolution: violence. We at the Herald condemn the actions of this lone gunman, and we encourage citizens to act responsibly and solve our issues and conflicts in a peaceful and democratic manner.

— The Oskaloosa Herald Editorial Board

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