PLEASANTVILLE — Travis Trucking, LLC and a citizen who wishes to remain anonymous have donated $500 each towards gift cards and asked the Pleasantville Police Department to assist in spreading the cheer and good will.

Starting this week, officers will be handing out Pleasantville Community Cards valued at $20 to citizens. While there is no official protocol on how these cards are distributed, they will focus on people who may be in need during the holidays and those who are known to have gone above and beyond during this challenging year.

This event started three years ago when two families asked the police department if they could hand out turkey dinners to people in need. Each year, it continues to have a positive impact on citizens. The intent is to bring something positive into peoples’ lives and let everyone know what a great community Pleasantville is.

“We are blessed to facilitate such a great event to citizens. Our department prides itself on community policing and being actively involved in the community. 2020 has been a difficult year for many, and we need more positive things,” says Pleasantville Police Chief Joe Mrstik.

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