Dear readers:

Our mission is to serve Knoxville and the surrounding Marion County area with news, features and sports reports that you both want and need. That mission has faced stiff economic headwinds in recent years. The Journal Express has fewer subscribers, and advertising revenue has steadily declined.

Now the coronavirus crisis has dealt a gut punch. It has impacted our operation like no other issue. Advertising, the lifeblood of our revenue, has nearly dried up as local businesses, like us, struggle during this unusually difficult time. Yet our newsprint, production operations and delivery costs continue to rise.

This has caused us to make hard decisions in order to continue to serve the Knoxville area.

Effective next week, the Journal Express will merge with our sister paper, The Oskaloosa Herald. You will still have access to Knoxville news and sports in the merged paper and on The Herald’s website ( The Herald plans to continue covering Marion County as long as subscribers from the area support it.

This issue of the Journal Express is the last one we will produce and deliver. The paper’s website will also merge with The Herald’s site.

Current Knoxville Journal-Express readers will receive a complimentary sample of the twice-weekly Oskaloosa Herald on Friday, May 22, along with a special offer to subscribe. You can also sample local, regional and state news about COVID-19 and other matters on The Herald’s website.

We hope the expanded information experience will result in you subscribing to the merged newspaper and its robust website.

These are stressful times for you, and for us. We thank our Journal Express subscribers and advertisers for their support over the years, and ask that you continue to embrace our journalism in The Oskaloosa Herald. We need it now more than ever.

If you have questions about the merger or choose to receive a refund for the remainder of your Journal Express subscription, please contact me at

Knoxville is a remarkable place with people who truly care about it. This is the same spirit that drives us to continue to publish news about the community in The Oskaloosa Herald.

We pray everyone stays well, stays safe and stays strong.

Knoxville Journal Express Publisher Becky Maxwell

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