KNOXVILLE — The Marion County Board of Supervisors eliminated the current Geographic Information System (GIS) Coordinator position, along with two part-time positions with Senior Nutrition.

The change comes during a regular meeting Tuesday after Supervisor Chair Mark Raymie suggested the position be redefined and integrated into the county’s Information Technology Department. The new position would be responsible for help desk services, web administration and updating the county’s website in addition to GIS duties.

“We need one job that does all of those things,” said Raymie. “We also need to have a greater visibility with GIS in Marion County.”

Raymie also said the county’s current IT employees, Andrew DeHaan and Andrew Meyers, need help with their current duties.

“I think we need to bring an additional skill set into IT to help with the help desk and the web,” said Raymie. “We’ve got to bring in these things, because we’re asking people to do more with the web. So it’s really not just GIS, it’s our technology platform. Our two Andrew’s are going to need additional help doing this, so it’s going to require a different kind of staff member to come in to help them do that.”

Additionally, two part-time positions in Senior Nutrition were eliminated. Raymie, along with Marion County Public Health Director Kim Dorn, believe one full-time employee can fulfill both jobs.

Raymie also said there is a need to re-examine the employee list for effectiveness within county government to reduce costs for the taxpayer.

“To be responsible to the taxpayer, which is the ultimate objective for all of us to provide maximum value to the taxpayer, we’re going to consolidate that position into one person,” said Raymie. “I think that’s something everybody has to take to heart. We have to look at these things. Revenue is not going to go up over the next several years … we need our tax base to increase.”

In other news:

- The board entered into a development agreement with the City of Pella and PR DEV, LLC for the Prairie Ridge Development. The development will include 93 single-family homes and 25 condo/townhomes, located north of the west intersection of Fifield Road and Washington Street/Highway G28 in Pella. The county is responsible for reimbursing PR DEV, LLC a total of $4.5 million in infrastructure costs. The county will also receive low and moderate income tax revenues generated by the development.

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