Wayne Johnson

Wayne Johnson

The tour has been drastically reduced due the pandemic virus circulating around the world.

Johnson was entered in the WoO race in Knoxville May 8.

He was asked how the races could be held without fans, and who pays the bills when that happens.

The Knoxville event May 8 paid $15,000 to win.

“It comes down to Pay Per View having to pay the bills,” Johnson stated.

So, deep down it is still a purse driven by the fans, just not ones in the stands.

The WoO organization rented the track from Knoxville, Knoxville received rent money and money for expenses, all the rest of the money raised from the one night show went to the Outlaws.

“This is such a strange year with the virus shutting everything down. We’re all in the unknown category,” Johnson commented.

He added, “I’m glad we are racing. This is a business for me. I’m a contractor basically, I’m considered self-employed and not eligible for unemployment.”

Prior to racing at Knoxville the last Outlaw race held was Feb. 9 in Florida.

“Every state is different with their rules on the virus,” Johnson said.

Wayne makes his home in Tuttle, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City.

“Oklahoma is open,” Johnson replied. “Tracks are open, you can eat in restaurants and even get a haircut.”

The Outlaws are planning on holding their two day race at Knoxville slated for June 12 and 13. Will it be with fans? Only time will tell on that decision.

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