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KNOXVILLE — The man who was acquitted of a murder charge in his mother’s death has filed a second lawsuit against investigators saying they violated his rights.

Jason Carter on Thursday filed the suit in the state’s district court in Polk County. He has sued the state of Iowa as well as Mark Ludwick, a special agent for the Iowa Department of Public Safety that was the lead case investigator in the murder of Shirley Carter.

It comes after he filed a federal civil rights suit in December against Ludwick, Marion County, Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Reed Kious, and his father Bill Carter.

“Five years ago, my family was torn apart by my mother’s murder, and the lead investigator accusing me of a crime I did not commit,” Jason Carter said in a statement released by attorneys on Friday. “It has been more than a year since I was acquitted and the evidence of the State’s failures came to light. Yet, the state refuses to investigate my mother’s murder.”

Jason Carter claims the state has confessions, witness lists and a motive but has not prosecuted anyone else for his mother’s murder.

Attorneys for Jason Carter said they continue to represent him in the federal civil rights lawsuit, but hope this new lawsuit filed in state court will move the state to correct “both the actions of the investigators, and to correct procedures at the state level which created a system in which these egregious investigation failures were allowed to occur.”

In the new 66-page lawsuit, Jason Carter claims a violation of his constitutional rights, tortious infliction of severe emotional distress, negligent and wrongful termination, and abuse of process.

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