DES MOINES — Three days of on and off rain didn’t stop a big crowd for filling Drake Stadium back up for the first time in two years. Some of the best athletes in the state were on display for the three-day State Track and Field Meet and several area athletes made their marks.

The Oskaloosa girls had themselves a nice week with a handful of medals and a state champion to boot.

Faith DeRonde left as the discus state champion on Thursday after her PR throw of 140-1 despite wet conditions.

“It feels great, It really hasn't sunk in yet,” DeRonde said. “The energy around the stadium is amazing right now. It’s raining and the stadium was packed and it's such a good feeling. We had a nice wind for right handed thrower so I just knew I needed to get that desperately high and then let the wind do the rest of the work, as long as it was stable throughout the air, and it was.”

DeRonde went on to take ninth in the shot put with a throw of 38-3.5 while fellow thrower Sophia Dykstra took sixth in the discus with her throw of 127-10 and eighth in the shot put with a 39-1.25 throw.

Maleah Walker also had a busy week for Oskaloosa. She started on Thursday by qualifying for the 200 finals after taking seventh at 26.41, she would later run a 26.82 in the finals and hold that seventh spot. Walker also ran the 400 on Thursday, taking 13th with a time of 1:01.36.

On Friday, Walker came out firing in the long jump as her jump of 17-10.25 put her in the lead after one round. but Keokuk’s Miracle Ailes and Carlisle’s Isabelle Noring would just creep past her at 17-11.25 as the event went on.

With the meet running 15 minutes ahead of schedule, Walker had to rush her final couple of jumps in order to check in and get prepared to anchor the upcoming 4x400 prelims. Even though she scratched her final two jumps, she would finish in third place.

Oskaloosa finished up on Saturday with Addison Beane, DeRonde, Krier and Czerwinski taking 19th in the sprint medley at 1:54.97. Krier, DeRonde and Czerwinski also joined Adam in the distance medley where they placed 16th with a time of 4:26.93.

Walker then anchored Oskaloosa’s 4x400 along with Macie Krier, Sage Adam and Jordan Czerwinski. All four ran well but the Indians finished just outside of medaling in 10th place with a season-best time of 4:09.93 in front of a packed Drake Stadium.

“It feels great,” Walker said of the atmosphere. “I've never really ran with this big of a crowd. I went to Drake Relays but there were not as many people. This is crazy and a lot of fun.”

Czerwinski also ran in the 400 hurdles. Her time of 1:07.33 was good enough for ninth place.

For Oskaloosa girls, they made history as the they ended with 22 points on their way to a 13th place finish as a team. The 22 points are the most in school history as the Indians will have a chance for more next year with all but one qualifier expected to be back.

“I have said it many times this year about how proud I am of these girls and the entire team,” Oskaloosa head coach Betsy Luck said. “The teamwork, hard work, camaraderie and positive attitude are all attributes that are more important to me as a coach than the final standings.”

The Oskaloosa boys competed in a pair of events on the week.

The quartet of Reed Brown, Waylon Bolibaugh, Tatum Westercamp and Patrick De Ronde competed in the distance medley, finishing 16th in a time of 3:43.90. On Saturday, De Ronde returned to the Blue Oval to complete in the 1600. He scraped his way into the top group in the first two laps and held on to finish in 17th with a final time of 4:39.10.

“Our young men had a memorable first experience on the Blue Oval and the underclassmen are determined to return next year,” Oskaloosa boys head coach Mike Sterner said. “We are proud of their hard work, grit and positive mindsets during our return to competition this season, culminating with our best competing against the rest of the best around Iowa this weekend.”

While the boys team grabbed the team title, the Pella girls climbed their way into the top 10 as a team with a great Saturday, placing ninth with 31 points.

The Lady Dutch competed in 10 events during the week and ended up medaling in six of them.

Emily McMartin was sixth in the 100 (12.90), Calla Kerndt was fourth in the 200 (26.53) and Jacie Trine was sixth in the 400 (58.72).

Pella also made an impact in the relays as their sprint medley and 4x200 both took third place while their 4x100 of Delanie Reynolds, Roselande Vanderhoff, Marissa Hackman and Emily McMartin had the girls’ best finish of the week, taking second with a time of 49.11.

Pella Christian qualified 11 events for state, they would medal in four of them.

Levi Schelhaas put in some work, taking second in the 400 with a time of 48.53 while taking seventh in the 200 finals with his time of 22.66. Schelhaas then picked up his third medal anchoring the sprint medley along with Peyton Ritzert, Luke Nikkel and Isaac Kacmarynski. The quartet would finish third with a time of 1:34.45.

PC’s other medal came from Allison Van Gorp in the discus where her throw of 126-0 was good enough for fifth place.

Knoxville came in with nine events and left with medals in two of them. Kieren Nichols highlighted with his second place finish in the 400 with a time of 49.65. Nichols later anchored the sprint medley with Gavin Montalvo, Keegan Cox and Tristin DeJong. They would finish eighth with a time of 1:35.41.

Boys results

200 (prelims) — 10. Kieren Nichols (Knoxville, 23.05)

200 (2A) — 8. Levi Schelhaas (Pella Christian, 22.99)

400 — 5. Karl Miller (Pella, 50.27), 7. Jackson Rozenboom (Pella, 50.53)

400 (2A) — 2. Levi Schelhaas (Pella Christian, 48.53), 22. Daniel Andringa (Pella Christian, 54.24)

400 — 2. Kieren Nichols (Knoxville, 49.65)

3200 — 18. Chase Lauman (Pella, 10:13.61)

Shuttle hurdle (prelims) — 1. Pella (Nolan Clayberg, Reece Thoreson, Brandon Winegardner, Gage Huyser, 1:00.29)

4x800 — 1. Pella (Chase Lauman, Karl Miller, Josiah Wittenberg, Tony Schmitz)

Shot put (2A) — 14. Trevor Veenstra (Pella Christian, 46-5.25)

Discus — 3. Kody Huisman (Pella, 163-3), 17. Brandon Fischer (Pella, 138-7)

High jump — 13. Parker Elder (Pella, 5-9)

110 hurdles (prelims) — 5. Gage Huyser (Pella, 15.34), 8. Nolan Clayberg (Pella, 15.59)

400 hurdles — 3. Gage Huyser (Pella, 56.11)

400 hurdles (2A) — 22. Carson Breon (Pella Christian, 59.00)

4x100 (prelims) — 23. Pella (Jacob Byers, Jrake Van Hemert, Nick Rus, Blake Meyer, 45.68)

4x100 (2A) — 16. Pella Christian (Drew Geetings, Isaac Kacmarynski, Peyton Ritzert, Levi Schelhaas, 44.90)

4x400 (prelims) — 1. Pella (Jackson Rozenboom, Reece Thoreson, Tony Schmitz, Karl Miller, 3:23.57), 14. Knoxville (Tristin DeJong, Gavin Montalvo, Kaden McGill, Kieren Nichols, 3:30.68)

Distance medley — 2. Pella (Nolan Clayberg, Quinn Gruver, Karl Miller, Tony Schmitz, 3:31.77), 16. Oskaloosa (Reed Brown, Waylon Bolibaugh, Tatum Westercamp, Patrick De Ronde, 3:43.90)

High jump — 11. Drew Geetings (Pella Christian, 6-1)

Shot put — 1. Kody Huisman (Pella, 59-4.75)

Sprint medley — 7. Pella (Kenson Fuller, Nick Rus, Quinn Gruver, Jackson Rozenboom, 1:35.29), 8. Knoxville (Gavin Montalvo, Keegan Cox, Tristin DeJong, Kieren Nichols, 1:35.41)

Sprint medley (2A) — 3. Pella Christian (Peyton Ritzert, Luke Nikkel, Isaac Kacmarynski, Levi Schelhaas, 1:34.45)

800 — 3. Tony Schmitz (Pella, 1:57.20), 13. Josiah Wittenberg (Pella, 2:00.58), 19. Kaden McGill (Knoxville, 2:02.88)

Shuttle hurdle — 2. Pella (Nolan Clayberg, Reece Thoreson, Brandon Winegardner, Gage Huyser, 59.50)

110 hurdles — 4. Nolan Clayberg (Pella, 15.30), 5. Gage Huyser (Pella, 15.35)

200 (2A) — 7. Levi Schelhaas (Pella Christian, 22.66)

1600 (2A) — 24. Ryan Natelborg (Pella Christian, 4:58.20)

1600 — 11. Chase Lauman (Pella, 4:31.95), 17. Patrick De Ronde (Oskaloosa, 4:39.10), 19. Seth Walraven (Knoxville, 4:41.17), 23. Josiah Wittenberg (Pella, 4:52.57)

4x400 — 1. Pella (Jackson Rozenboom, Reece Thoreson, Tony Schmitz, Karl Miller, 3:22.29)

Girls results

100 (prelims) — 4. Emily McMartin (Pella, 12.83), 19. Delanie Reynolds (Pella, 13.25)

200 (prelims) — 6. Calla Kerndt (Pella, 26.34), 7. Maleah Walker (Oskaloosa, 26.41), 13. Emily McMartin (Pella, 26.70)

400 — 6. Jacie Trine (Pella, 58.72), 13. Maleah Walker (Oskaloosa, 1:01.36), 19. Melanie Sullivan (Knoxville, 1:02.72)

400 (2A) — 20. Kayla Natelborg (Pella Christian, 1:03.82)

3000 — 16. Abby Cutler (Pella, 11:25.57)

Shuttle hurdle — 22. Pella (Andrea VanHeukelom, Aaliyah Riddick, Tristian Gordon, Meridith Rowe, 1:14.04)

4x800 — 22. Pella (Autumn Blink, Faith Diers, Macy Schroeder, Ashley Blommers, 10:32.85)

Discus — 1. Faith DeRonde (Oskaloosa, 140-1), 6. Sophia Dykstra (Oskaloosa, 127-10), 19. Ciara Heffron (Knoxville, 101-3)

Shot put (2A) — 17. Allison Van Gorp (Pella Christian, 35-0.5)

High jump — 19. Jasmine Namminga (Pella, 4-10)

400 hurdles — 9. Jordan Czerwinski (Oskaloosa, 1:07.33)

4x100 (prelims) — 3. Pella (Delanie Reynolds, Roselande Vanderhoff, Marissa Hackman, Emily McMartin, 49.50)

4x200 — 3. Pella (Delanie Reynolds, Calla Kerndt, Marissa Hackman, Emily McMartin, 1:44.94)

4x400 (prelims) — 10. Oskaloosa (Macie Krier, Sage Adam, Jordan Czerwinski, Maleah Walker, 4:09.93), 23. Pella (Ashley Blommers, Mia Warner, Maddie Schmitz, Jacie Trine, 4:23.35)

Distance medley — 16. Oskaloosa (Macie Krier, Faith DeRonde, Jordan Czerwinski, Sage Adam, 4:26.49), 20. Pella (Calla Kerndt, Marissa Hackman, Mia Warner, Maddie Schmitz, 4:28.99)

Shot put — 8. Sophia Dykstra (Oskaloosa, 39-1.25), 9. Faith DeRonde (Oskaloosa, 38-3.5), 18. Ashlyn Finarty (Knoxville, 35-3)

Discus (2A) — 5. Allison Van Gorp (Pella Christian, 126-0)

Long jump — 3. Maleah Walker (Oskaloosa, 17-10.5)

Sprint medley — 3. Pella (Delanie Reynolds, Marissa Hackman, Calla Kerndt, Jacie Trine, 1:49.60), 19. Oskaloosa (Addison Beane, Faith DeRonde, Macie Krier, Jordan Czerwinski, 1:54.97)

100 — 6. Emily McMartin (Pella, 12.90)

200 — 4. Calla Kerndt (Pella, 26.53), 7. Maleah Walker (Oskaloosa, 26.82)

4x100 — 2. Pella (Delanie Reynolds, Roselande Vanderhoff, Marissa Hackson, Emily McMartin)

Boys 3A standings

1. Pella (80.5), 2. ADM (75), 3. Dallas Center-Grimes (44), 4. North Polk (43), 5. Marion (33), 26. Knoxville (9)

*Pella Christian tied for 13th in 2A

Girls 3A standings

1. Wahlert Catholic (59), 2. Solon (51), 3. Carlisle (46), 4. WD Epworth (42), 5. Assumption (41), T9. Pella (31), T13. Oskaloosa (22)

*Pella Christian tied for 41st in 2A

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