EarthWise Pet Nutrition Center & Wellness Spa in Pella

PELLA – Pella’s four-legged citizens are giving two paws up to EarthWise Pet Nutrition Center & Wellness Spa, a pet supply store focused on health and nutrition that opened on the square in the fall of 2020.

Located in the space that once belonged to Faux Paws Bakery, EarthWise Pet offers some familiar treats as well as many new products.

Storeowner Zach Jensen has a strong connection to Pella. He and his wife, Jenny, graduated from Central College in 2013, and he is a coach for the Dutch men’s soccer team as well as local youth teams.

In addition to coaching, Jensen held a career in the corporate world, but found his passion in pet nutrition.

A lifelong animal lover and dog owner, Jensen was shocked to discover how unregulated the pet food industry is.

“Food manufacturers can advertise that their products are nutritious or all natural, but when you read the ingredients you find out they’re not being truthful,” said Jensen. “Because I love my pets, I want them to eat food that will keep them healthy and living longer, and I want to help other pet owners who feel the same way.”

Jensen began exploring opening his own store several years ago. He discovered EarthWise Pet, a national coalition of locally owned and operated pet nutrition stores and wellness spas whose mission is improving pet health and happiness.

Jensen became a certified pet nutrition specialist and opened his first EarthWise Pet location in Newton in December 2019. Less than a year later, in October 2020, Jensen opened the Pella EarthWise Pet location.

Customers can expect to find a wide selection of natural food products and supplements for their four-legged friends. Everything has been extensively vetted based on the latest pet nutrition research and information.

The store also offers toys, leashes, collars, litter and other supplies. Fans of Faux Paws need not fear—a bakery section is still producing favorites like doggie Dutch letters. Jensen and his certified and trained staff are also on hand to provide advice about what products are right for your pet.

“We want to build relationships with the people and pets who come into our store,” said Jensen. “It’s important to us to treat all pets like family—because they are family! And family deserves the best care.”

EarthWise Pet Nutrition Center & Wellness Spa is located at 816 Main Street in Pella. Store hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. In addition to the brick-and-mortar location, customers can order some supplies on the store’s website, and have their order shipped or choose in-store pickup.

To contact EarthWise Pet, call 641-628-4444 or email

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