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Peoples Bank in Knoxville held a ribbon cutting for the new building on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2021. 

KNOXVILLE — Knoxville locals now have another alternative for storing their money.

On Wednesday, Peoples Bank celebrated the grand opening of its Knoxville branch by inviting residents to a ribbon cutting. In addition, the bank also provided refreshments and tours for the building. The building has been standing for a month.

The business announced their intentions to open in Knoxville a year ago. Originating from Indianola, the Knoxville branch is the seventh one in Iowa, with banks also located in towns such as Pleasantville, Seymour, and Montezuma.

Peoples Bank President Kevin Halterman, who attended the event, said Knoxville seemed like a great fit for opening a new bank, especially with its proximity to Des Moines and development with populations and businesses.

“There's going to be a lot of new young families coming to Knoxville, it's an exciting project,” Halterman said. “It just has a lot of little things where we look for in a community to be successful and help them grow.”

Services for Peoples Bank include providing both checking and savings accounts as well as providing loans, whether it’s for real estate, residential, or agriculture.

Halterman said he believes the highly personal services separates Peoples Bank from other competitors.

“We have that personalized service, we want to get to know our customers and be involved in the community,” Halterman said. “I think people want to do business with people and we've embraced that since we’ve opened in 1998, I think that's what's probably made us successful and separated us from the other banks.”

Since its beginning, Halterman said Peoples Bank has served small, rural markets, which he believes is important as other banks pull out of the area.

“I think we have found a niche within those rural markets,” Halterman said. “Those markets want to grow and be successful just like West Des Moines or Ankeny. What we have found in those more rural markets, people still appreciate the service, they appreciate the relationships they build, and we can be successful.”

Although there’s no current plans for openings in other towns, Halterman said he hopes the company will expand towards Southeast Iowa. As new customers begin going to the Knoxville Peoples Bank, Halterman assured they will be treated with high quality service.

“We were very fortunate to find the individuals that we did, but also the individuals that understand the level of service we want to get, and they truly embrace it,” Halterman said. “I think that's why they chose to come to work for People's Bank. They endorse it, and they embrace that level.”

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