KNOXVILLE — Despite concerns from pet owners, the Knoxville City Council decided to not take any action towards changing the ordinance regarding pigs as livestock.

The council thoroughly discussed the item during their last meeting following a 911 call concerning a loose pig.

Community Service Officer Meredith Clark reached out to different communities in Iowa to see how pigs were housed within city limits.

These cities included Newton, Boone, and Des Moines. According to her report, Clark said there is only one pig In the city of Newton.

“Should there be a loose pig or a pig removed from a property, they are not sure where they would be able to take the pigs as some shelters cannot take them,” Clark said in the report. “They do not recommend changing our current ordinance.”

Boone allows potbellied pigs within city limits as long as the owner meets the standard of care set by the city.

In Des Moines, residents can have up to three pigs in their home. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa also takes in pigs.

Clark said the City of Des Moines does have a dedicated animal control team. Clark said she was able to speak with someone who was a former Knoxville Police Department Officer in Des Moines. Having experience with animals, the former office said removing pigs would be straining for officers.

Clark also noted pigs cannot be taken to the Marion County Humane Society as they are not licensed to do so.

Additionally, the council reviewed a presentation from the Central Iowa Housing Trust Fund, which is a 501(c)(3) organization that advocates for affordable housing. The presentation highlighted updates from the organization and projects they’ve been working on.

The next Knoxville City Council meeting will be on Monday, Sept. 6, beginning at 6:15 p.m.

Sarah Stortz can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @sarah__stortz.

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