Animal Health Center of Oskaloosa and Knoxville are celebrating 15 years of providing compassionate care to pets and their owners in these two communities. Now the clinics say they’re looking forward to paving the way for the future of animal health care in rural Iowa.

“It really is an honor to provide loving and trustworthy care to families, their pets, and livestock herds in the community,” said Dr. Andrew “Dewey” Nibe, co-owner of Animal Health Center, with locations also in Albia, Centerville, and Ottumwa. “We’ve had the privilege to form relationships with the people in each of these towns while providing veterinary care to pets and livestock.”

Dr. Nibe, along with his fellow co-owners, Dr. Ryan Howard, and Dr. Clint Hodson, say not a day goes by in which the clinics aren’t dedicated to the four-legged companions of the towns, both small and large.

This dedication has allowed the clinics to grow in more ways than one.

“Our growing team goes above and beyond to provide care to small animals, such as dogs and cats and large animals, including livestock,” Dr. Nibe explained. “We understand the importance of these services because we live and work in a rural town where people give just as much love and care for their dogs as they do their cattle.”

The clinics’ facilities have expanded in the past 15 years to include state-of-the-art equipment and a full staff of veterinarians who travel to farms in the area to provide large animal care, including complete testing, emergency services, ultrasounds, pregnancy exams, and more.

These services aim to help farmers and residents alike as they provide long-lasting, enjoyable lives for their companions.

“As we look forward to the next 15 years to come, we are confident that our veterinary clinics will remain a beacon in their communities and leaders of animal care in rural Iowa,” Dr. Nibe said.

To learn more about the Animal Health Center of Oskaloosa and Animal Health Center of Knoxville, visit

Animal Health Center of Oskaloosa is located at 1015 A. Avenue W., Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577.

Animal Health Center of Knoxville is located at 605 West Pleasant St., Knoxville, Iowa 50138.

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