Vintage Osky postcard

This historical article is courtesy Mahaska County Historical Society member John Jacobs.

Oskaloosa Thursday Herald

Feb. 6, 1902

Another Chapter in the Fast Driving Episode

Another chapter in the fast driving episode of Friday has been completed. Walter Burrell, “Red” Miller, Mace Hagan, Will Lafollett, Dr. Ellsworth, Chas. McCullough have been arrested for violation of the city ordinance on a warrant issued in information signed by Mr. Lafollett. All of the parties were arrested arraigned pleaded not guilty with the exception of Mr. Lafollett who said that he was guilty. The others say that they will stand trial.

The gentlemen say they let their nags out because when they were beside Mace Hagan’s rig that the mayor said “let her go.” They could not bear to be passed when they had the official sanction of the Mayor of the city and especially when Mr. Hagan pushed on his lines. Mr. Wray asserts that what he said was “go slow” and that he at no time gave his permission to speed the nags. There is a difference of opinion here that may raise some delicate points of the law and cause quite a disturbance in the court.

The one unfortunate thing about the affair is that J. H. Harrison is deeply hurt because he was not arrested with the others. He thinks the failure to include him in the list of fast drivers is a direct insinuation that his animal is not worthy of being called fast.

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