These historical articles are courtesy Mahaska County Historical Society President John Jacobs.

Oskaloosa Daily HeraldSept. 13, 1887

LOST RIVER. – It was reported yesterday that parties were in from Scott township asking that a search warrant issue for the purpose of hunting up the Des Moines river. It was never so low before in the memory of man resident here.

Oskaloosa HeraldMay 5, 1870

EXCITED – A young gentleman of our acquaintance called last week on the Clerk of the Court and informed him that he wished a marriage license. Paper and pencil were given him with request that he write down the names of the couple desiring the hitching strap. The excited young man wrote them down, the clerk made them out and “bub” retired. But lo, in a couple hours he returned and informed the clerk that he had made a mistake in both names, and with a request to please correct. The place of his own name was supplied by his nickname, and he had given the wrong on for his wife “as-was-to-be.” For names enquire of the clerk. – Keokuk parties desiring full particulars will call on Sandie Stone.

Oskaloosa HeraldSept. 23, 1870

BOUND – The person who has a bound volume of the HERALD for 1858, and who has had it for a good many years, will confer a favor by returning it to this office, or telling us where we may get it, if they are through with it. It is a matter of some moment to us, and can be of but little account to the borrower.

Oskaloosa HeraldJan. 3, 1874

In Ottumwa a fashionable young lady dropped one of her false eyebrows in a church pew, and badly frightened a young man next to her, who thought it was his mustache.