Reprinted from Oskaloosa Herald April 2, 1934. Historical articles courtesy Mahaska County Historical Society member John Jacobs

Mathematics not required

School Board makes course optional for students

The two year mathematics requirement for graduation from Oskaloosa High School was removed, effective at the end of the present school year, by the local board of education in the April meeting at the High School Building Monday night.

Removal of the mandatory requirement, however, does not affect college entrance requirements, and high school graudates who expect to enter college will have to complete two years of high school mathematics.

The school will continue the course as one of the optional subjects.

Students who do not take mathematics will be required to present a signed statement from their parents or guardian, declaring that the subject is omitted with the full understanding of college entrance requirements.

Election of teachers is still in the hands of a committee and may be completed by the May meeting.

Reprinted from Oskaloosa Daily Herald May 4, 1934

Chester Conklin to wed

From Los Angeles comes the information that Chester Conklin, Oskaloosa-born film comedian, will wed Margherita Rouse, also known as Marguerita Rue, who has been an invalid for 23 years. Notice of intention to wed has been filed in the Los Angeles marriage license bureau. Mr. Conklin has practically retired from active screen work, although he appears occasionally in feature character roles. Pictures of the two were carried recently by Acme photo service.

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