West side of Osky Square postcard

Saturday Globe

Dec. 14, 1906

Something About Evans

Evans is a mining town five miles west of Oskaloosa on the C. R. I. & P. Railway. At one time the largest coal mine in the state was located here that of the American Coal Co. No. 2 owned and managed by W. A. McNeil.

At present, there are two mines, the Garfield Coal Co. No. 4 and the clean Coal Co. The former is owned and managed by Geo. Ramsay & Sons, the other by W. T. Phillips. They have a combined output of 400 tons of lump coal per day. The Garfield Coal Co. have installed in their No. 4 mine four compressed air cutting machines and two drilling machines which are doing good work. The miners are hauled to and from work from Oskaloosa to the mines by the miners' train.

There are two switch engines and crews located here. The men have their families located in our little town. There is also water tank and coal chutes for railroad use; also a round house with three engine stalls and a turn table and car repairers' quarters which were improved from a box car house to a real shop of good size. We can not boast of any new buildings during the past year, but there has been a great deal of improving, such as building to making new porches and painting among our property owners.

We also have two good schools and one church with Sunday School and preaching every Sunday, and for the lat three years we have been a temperance town, which speaks well for the place.

Among the business, men are: Mr. Ervin Garland, manager of the Garfield supply Co., his clerks are Miss Stella Harris, bookkeeper; Mr. John Robinson, Mr. Allie Childs, Mr. Evert Garland and Miss Jesse Cown; Mr. Sam Meister, teamster, and Mr. John Melcher, Butcher.

Miss Lulu Gear, our former post-mistress, and Miss Jessie Crulkshank are still running a store of general merchandise. They have a delivery boy, George Sassnar.

Johnnie Head is the tonsorial artist of our town.

Mr. J. R. O'Connell is our genial postmaster. He is kind and obliging. Mr. O'Connell was hurt in the back while working in the mines some six years ago and is paralyzed from the waist down and cannot walk, but he has an invalid's chair in which he gets around quite handy. His wife runs a first class eating house.

Mrs. A. P. Harris is the proprietor of the hotel where one can get a good meal and night's lodging. Mrs. Harris has been in the hotel business in Evans for more than twenty years.

The officers of the place are: Arthur Hancock, justice of the peace, James Lawrence, constable.

Several farms in the neighborhood have changed hands in the past year. Among them were: Van Zuuk Bros. farm to Adam Hasselman, Fish farm to Herman Westercamp. The latter had two car loads of tiling not on his place this fall. The Copper farm to Ira Denburger, and blacksmith of Leighton. He will occupy the place in March.

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