The world-famous Dingus Lounge.

The "Morning Moose" crew from Des Moines' Lazer 103.3 radion station is coming to Dingus Lounge in Knoxville on Friday, as part of the show's "Dive Bar Tour." 

"It's an honor," Dingus Lounge Owner A.J. Mottet told the Journal-Express. Mottet said he did not have to do anything to bring the attention and the disc jockeys to his bar. They began to discuss the tour and people immediately suggested Dingus.

A lot of people. 

Mottet said calls came in from not only Knoxville, but from throughout central Iowa. Given the bar's popularity among race fans all over the world (Try wearing a Dingus shirt at any airport without getting noticed) its popularity in the immediate area is not a surprise. 

Mottet said the disc jockeys will be at Dingus from 7 p.m. throughout the night. They will play bar games, broadcast from the bar and give away tickets to a Vince Neil concert. Vince Neil is the lead singer of 80s rock band Motley Crue. 

Dingus will open at noon on Friday, and Mottet intends to tap a free keg at that time. This is to show his appreciation for Knoxville and racing, as well as starting off what he says will be a fun day. 

This is the tour's second stop in Marion County. Last Friday, the crew came to Billy Jack's in Pella. 

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