May 14, 2013

Transform Academy Xcel team wraps up its season

The Oskaloosa Herald


The Transform Academy Xcel gymnastics team competed at the state meet on May 4-5 at the Sports Zone.  
This wraps up the season for the Xcel team gymnasts. Their coaches, Alicia Jennings and Melanie Mackey, were very happy with the gymnasts’ performances and could definitely see the improvements in all the girls from the beginning of the season up until now. They worked very hard and they’ve come a long way.    
Transform brought home two state champions (Avree Ebelsheiser and Maleah Walker) and several who finished in the top 5.  
Jennings said, “The biggest improvement was definitely the silver team on vault. All of the girls were new to that level and there was quite a jump in the difficulty of their vault pass. It was an awesome feeling seeing the entire silver girls place on vault at the state meet!”  
  The results are as follows with VT = Vault, UB = Uneven Bars, BB = Balance Beam, FX = Floor Exercise, & AA = All Around.
  Bronze results:
   Avree Ebelsheiser (Age 5-6) VT: 8.8 (2nd)  UB: 9.2 (1st) BB: 9.3 (2nd)  FX: 9.0 (1st)  AA: 36.3 (1st) 
   Hailey Gunn (Age 7)  VT: 9.15 (3rd)  UB: 8.85 (8th)  BB: 9.2 (2nd)  FX:  9.2 (2nd)  AA: 36.4 (3rd)
   Hailey Curry (Age 10)  VT:  9.25 (tie 2nd)  UB:  9.4 (5th)  BB:  9.05 (tie 5th)  FX:  9.25 (tie 2nd)  AA:  36.95 (3rd)
   Tara Kielkopf (Age 11)  VT:  8.9  UB:  9.15 (5th)  BB:  8.65  FX:  9.55 (1st)  AA: 36.25 (5th)
   Silver results:
   Maleah Walker (7-8)  VT:  9.5 (1st)  UB:  9.55 (1st)  BB:  9.25 (1st)  FX:  9.15 (tie 3rd)  AA:  37.45 (1st)
   Nobalee Galbraith (9 young)  VT:  9.15 (2nd)  UB:  9.05 (8th)  BB:  8.95 (6th)  FX:  8.35 (7th)  AA:  35.5  (6th)
   Willa Kelpe (9 young)  VT:  9.0  (4th)  UB:  9.45 (3rd)  BB:  9.15  (4th)  FX:  8.25 (8th)  AA:  35.85  (4th)
   Allyson Maxwell (9 young)  VT:  8.9 (6th)  UB:  9.2 (5th)  BB:  8.9  (8th)  FX:  8.1   AA:  35.1  (8th)
   Ella Roach (9 old)  VT:  8.75  (5th)  UB:  9.05 (4th)  BB:  9.05 (4th)  FX:  8.3  AA:  35.15 (6th) 
   Nichole Gokey (11 old)  VT:  9.05 (2nd)  UB:  8.95 (6th)  BB:  9.25 (5th)  FX:  8.85 (5th)  AA:  36.1  (5th)
   Gold results:
   Evie Armstrong (Age 12)  VT:  9.2 (1st)  UB:  7.5  BB:  8.8 (7th)  FX:  8.15  AA:  33.65  (9th)
   Sydney Weppler  (Age 12)  VT:  8.55  UB:  7.6  BB:  8.9 (5th)  FX:  7.85  AA:  32.9  (13th)
   Kylie Garman  (Age 14+)  VT:  8.55 (tie 4th)  UB:  9.0 (5th)  BB:  9.2 (1st)  FX:  8.55 (7th)  AA:  35.30 (2nd)
   Platinum results: 
   Jackie Wieser (Age 12-13)  VT:  8.75 (5th)  UB:  7.3 (7th)  BB:  8.35 (8th)  FX:  9.1 (2nd)  AA:  33.5 (7th)
   Emma Kelderman (Age 12-13)  VT:  9.35 (1st)  UB:  8.1 (6th)  BB:  9.35 (2nd)  FX:  9.3 (1st)  AA:  36.1  (2nd) 
  The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. The program gives an opportunity for: 
  A. Class students to participate in organized gymnastics events.
  B. Those athletes who have competed in the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program and have qualified to Level 7 or above but need a more basic introduction to optional competition.
  C. Those athletes who have competed in the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program at the Compulsory level and would like to experience a basic optional program during their “off” season while they train skills to move up in the JO Program, if they wish.
  D. Those athletes who have either “retired” from the Jr. Olympic Program or do not wish to train or compete at Level 7 or 8.
  E. Athletes not previously involved with USA Gymnastics to enter the program.
  For more information on Transform Academy gymnastics, contact Meghan Slay at (641) 295-1434.