December 3, 2013

Six Osky residents claim world martial arts titles

The Oskaloosa Herald


The American Taekwondo Association announced the 2013 World Championship names last month.
Six Oskaloosa residents participated in the ATA Martial Arts World Championship in Little Rock, Ark. Three of them qualified in the Top 10 World Championship.
Every year, the ATA has competition against the Top 10, best of the best. In order to qualify, competitors have to compete against others in their category throughout the state, and for some, throughout the country to build enough points to be in the Top 10 at the end of the year.
Twenty countries competed against the Best of the Best, such as Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Spain, Germany, Canada and many more.
Allen Thatcher-Chilcote, a fourth-degree Black Belt and chief instructor for the Brayton's Black Belt Academy in Oskaloosa; son, Matthew Chilcote, a third-degree Black Belt; and grandson, Allen Chilcote III, a second-degree Black Belt, all made it to the Top 10. Chilcote III was a first-degree Black Belt during the time. He was recently made second-degree Black Belt recommended. The elder Chilcote is 60, Matthew is 30 and Allen III is 9-years-old.
All three competed in the Traditional forms, weapons and sparring. This was the elder Chilcote's fourth year competing in the Top 10 and won all three first-place gold medallions, taking the World Championship title, the Triple Crown title and Iowa State Champion.
Matthew, who is in his first year of competition, took his first World Championship, Triple Crown title and the Iowa State Champion for the fourth straight year. Chilcote III took the World Champion in weapons for the second consecutive year, second place in forms and in sparring. This was his second year competing.
The weapons they used were the nunchakus. The elder Chilcote competed with double nunchakus as well as the latter two competed in the single nunchakus.
"The Triple Crown in very rare," Allen Chilcote said. "You have to compete against the Best of the Best, against third-, fourth- and at times, fifth-degree Black Belts. You have to win all three matches to win the Triple Crown. When you spar (fight) against someone that is 20 years younger than you, they sure make you work for it."
This was the fourth consecutive year he has taken home the Triple Crown and is the only winner of this prestigious title four straight years.
Chilcote also tested for his fourth-degree in front of nine masters and passed.
"I thought this day would never come," he said. "Internal Grandmaster In Ho Lee's motto, 'What not possible today, tomorrow is possible.'"
In the Tiny Tigers Division and Junior Division, Darrien Chilcote, who is now a Brown Belt at age 6, and Rhea Chilcote, age 7, camo belt, are Allen Chilcote's grandchildren and the brother of Allen Chilcote III. They also participated in a tournament which is called Tiny Tigers and took home two trophies each. The weapons they used were single nunchakus by Darrien and single Bong Mong ee (single stick) used by Rhea. The parents of Allen III, Darrien and Rhea are Allen Chilcote II and Candy Sellers. 
Zoey Russell, age 9 and an Orange Belt and is the daughter of Dawn Russell, also took home a trophy in forms. This was her first year competing.
"She did outstanding for only being in the ATA for a few short months," Allen Chilcote said.
The group owe their hard training to their instructor, Stephen Brayton, a fifth-degree Black Belt and the owner of Brayton's Black Belt Academy.
Allen Chilcote is the son of Glen Thatcher, of What Cheer, and Mary Chilcote, of Oskaloosa.