November 7, 2013

Oskaloosa Golf claims 14th Annual Osky Cup

The Oskaloosa Herald


Edmundson Golf Course hosted Oskaloosa Golf in the 14th annual Osky Cup matches on Saturday, Sept. 21. 
The Osky Cup format consists of 16 men from each course competing in three match play events over 36 holes.  
The morning matches are based on eight two-man teams from Edmundson competing against eight two-man teams from Osky Golf in two separate nine-hole matches. Each match is worth one point for a total of 16 points in the morning matches. A winner is decided when the team leading is ahead by more holes than remain to be played. 
The golfers then move to individual competition playing an 18-hole head-to-head match play event in the afternoon under the same scoring system. With the individual matches worth one point apiece, there is a total of 16 points available in the afternoon and a total of 32 total points over the one-day event. The team with 16 ½ points or more wins the Osky Cup. In the event of a tie, the prior year’s winning team retains The Osky Cup.
This year’s event saw some very competitive matches with the score ultimately tied 8-8 after the morning Best Ball (also known as Best Shot) and morning Better Ball matches. In the afternoon, Oskaloosa Golf took the upper hand in the individual matches and claimed the 2013 Osky Cup with a final score of 17-15 on the strength of winning eight and halving two of the 16 individual matches. 
Oskaloosa Golf holds a slight margin in the 14-year history of the Osky Cup winning eight of the 13 matches with Edmundson Golf winning five, and one tie in 2009. 
Osky Golf has won the last two years reversing a two-year winning streak for Edmundson Golf in 2010 & 2011. Next year’s match will be played at Oskaloosa Golf.
Osky Cup
Best Ball Results
A. Stevens / R. Anderson (EDM) halved B. Marolf / D. Yates (OG) 
C. Pierson / T. Jansen (EDM) defeated J. Wakefield / F. Hansen (1 up)
B. Hugen / D. Anderson (OG) defeated R. Stevens / J. Patik (3 & 2)
B. Foster / E. Thomas (EDM) defeated M. Carriker / D. Callison (1 up)
D. Ruffridge / S. Hicks (OG) defeated C. Sheely / Z. Tremmel (2 & 1)
C. Estabrook / J. Shafer (EDM) defeated C. Spry / B. Goodman (2 up)
J. Parlet / C. Major (EDM) defeated B. Doud / J. Bandstra (2 up)
M. Smith / T. Miller (EDM) defeated A. Nielsen / A. Langkamp (1 up)
Better Ball Results:
Sheely / Tremmel (EDM) defeated Ruffridge / Hicks (2 & 1)
 Estabrook / Shafer (EDM) defeated Spry / Goodman (1 up)
Parlet / Major (EDM) halved Doud Bandstra (OG)
Nielsen / Langkamp (OG) defeated Smith / Miller (2 & 1)
Marolf / Yates (OG) defeated A. Stevens / R. Anderson (2 & 1)
Wakefile / Hansen (OG) defeated Pierson / Jansen (1 up)
Hugen / D. Anderson (OG) defeated R. Stevens / Patik (3 & 1)
Carriker / Callison (OG) defeated Foster / Thomas (2 up)
Singles Matches:
John Patik (EDM) halved Doug Ruffridge (OG)
Bill Goodman (OG) defeated Reid Stevens (2 up)
Doug Callison (OG) defeated Cody Major (2 up)
Andrew Langkamp (OG) defeated Jason Shafer (2 up)
Brad Marolf (OG) defeated Austin Stevens (2 & 1)
Travis Miller (EDM) defeated Brian Hugen (6 & 5)
Evan Thomas (EDM) defeated Frank Hansen (6 & 5)
Zach Tremmel (EDM) halved Dave Anderson (OG)
Doug Yates (OG) defeated Ryan Anderson (3 & 1)
Brett Foster (EDM) defeated Josh Bandstra (4 & 3)
Chris Pierson (EDM) defeated Curt Spry (7 & 6)
Alex Nielsen (OG) defeated Cory Sheely (7 & 6)
Steve Hicks (OG) defeated Charles Estabrook (2 & 1)
Jeff Parlet (EDM) defeated Matt Carriker (4 & 3)
Tom Jansen (EDM) defeated Jim Wakefield (3 & 2)
Brett Doud (OG) defeated Mike Smith (2 & 1)