August 8, 2013

Landgrebe impressed coaches at Football University's Top Gun event

Herald sports editor


Oskaloosa High School running back Andrew Landgrebe has been impressing several big-name former players and coaches recently.
The Oskaloosa senior-to-be showed off his skills at the "invitation only" Football University "TOP GUN" Camp held in Dublin, Ohio, July 22-25. 
Landgrebe was invited to TOP GUN based of his outstanding performance at the Milwaukee, Wis., Football University camp the week before. He joined more than 1,000 of the nation's other top athletes at his position and trained with current and former NFL players and coaches.
TOP GUN is the culmination of Football University's 40-camp nationwide tour gathering the top 10 percent from each of the regional camps.
"I received an e-mail and was invited to the Milwaukee camp," said Landgrebe, who rushed for 342 yards and two touchdowns for the Indians last season. "Somebody saw my highlight film or online. From there, they talk to FBU recruiters and nominate me to go to his camp.
"The Milwaukee camp in step 1 and is a 3-day camp. What they want you to do is do the best you can because everybody there is really good. You get evaluated at the end of camp and if you did really good, they send you to the TOP GUN camp."
Landgrebe said former NFL receiver Quinton Smith, who evaluated the Milwaukee camp, was very impressed with my quickness, footwork and my hands. 
"It takes a lot of hard work, obviously and God blessed me with the ability to catch a football and being able to be quick," Landgrebe said about his abilities.
"I felt very, very happy as I had an injury my junior year so I felt like the junior season got thrown in the trash," he said. "The junior year is the most important year to get your scholarships, talk to colleges so this is an opportunity to go to TOP GUN camps, speak to recruiters, see how the coaches can coach me up to get me the exposure that I needed."
Landgrebe said while the people running the camps were impressed with his physical abilities, he felt like he improved his mental ability to play the game.
"I felt like I improved my smarts as they talked about how as a running back or a receiver how you need to know what the defenses are likely going to do," he said. "Little things like how to get past the linebacker or a corner(back) when you're a wide receiver in the slot and the moves you can do. It's your job to get open for the quarterback so he can find you. Tips on how to run the ball correctly, be patient. Patience is something they stressed."
He said he got to meet a lot of "cool" people at the camps like former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson and motivational speaker Eric Thomas, who Landgrebe said was "amazing."