April 15, 2011

Kim Komando answers your tech, computer questions

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Q. I called and spoke with you on your national radio show. You helped me pick the perfect Windows 7 computer. Now, I have another question. How can I transfer files and settings from my old computer to my new computer?

A. You’re in luck. Windows 7 actually includes a program called Windows Easy Transfer. Click Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools to find it. This will guide you through the transfer process. You will also need this program on your old computer. Visit Komando.com/news for a download link for Vista and XP machines. The program will transfer files and important settings. You will need to install your programs manually, however. I would do that before transferring anything. Otherwise, your preferred settings may be overwritten.

Q. I recently bought an iPad 2. The screen rotates automatically depending on how you hold it. However, the wallpaper doesn’t cover the screen in both orientations. How can I get it to fit?

A. Wallpaper is a tricky business on the iPad. The iPad’s screen is rectangular, which means most iPad wallpaper is rectangular. Unfortunately, it will only work in one direction. Wallpaper has a set resolution; changing its size makes it look wrong. So you need wallpaper that’s bigger than the screen. In the iPad’s case, it needs to be a square 1024x1024 pixels. That way it will be the right size in either orientation. Just note that the edges will be cut off on both sides. Make sure the wallpaper’s subject is centered.

Q. I see a lot of the same sites in Google’s search results. They are never very helpful. Can I block them from my Google searches?

A. You certainly can block sites from search results. Start by signing into your Google account. Run a search as normal. When you visit a site that isn’t helpful, click the Back button. This will take you back to the Google search page. You will see a Block All [Website name] Results option on that site link. Click this to block that site from future searches. You have to visit a site before it can be blocked. To manage blocked sites, click the Gear icon in the upper right corner. Then select Search Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the Preferences page. There will be a link that will help you manage blocked sites.

Q. I email certain groups of people regularly. Is there way to create custom email groups in Apple’s Mail?

A. Creating an email group to use with Mail isn’t too difficult. Open Apple’s Address Book program and set it to Column view. Click View>>Card and Columns to enable this. Now click File>>New Group and type in the name of the group. You can drag contact cards into the newly created group. When you’re done, go to the Mail program. Enter the group name in the “To:” field. Once you enter the group name, the field is populated with the e-mail addresses. You can create as many groups as you want.

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