April 8, 2011

Kim Komando answers your electronics, computer questions

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Q. All my documents in Word 2007 print an extra page. This page just lists document properties. It’s wasting ink and driving me crazy. How can I stop it?

A. Printer ink is expensive. You don’t want to waste it if possible. Fortunately, this problem is easy to solve. Open up Word. Click the Office button and then select Word Options at the bottom. In Word Options, select the Display heading. Under the Display options, find the Printing Options area. Deselect the Print Document Properties option. Click OK and you’re done. Your next print job shouldn’t have the extra page.

Q. I just downloaded Internet Explorer 9. I can’t stand Bing. How can I change the default search from Bing to Google?

A. Start by opening IE9. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and select Manage Add-ons. Then select Search Providers in the Manage Add-ons window. You will see that only Bing is installed. At the bottom of the add-ons window, click Find More Search Providers. Find Google Search and click the Add to Internet Explorer button. You will be asked if you want to add the search provider. Check the Make This My Default Search Provider option. Then click Yes to finish. Google will now be your default.

Q. I want to take a screenshot on my Mac. It helps when trying to explain things to my co-workers. What software do I need for this?

A. The ability to take screenshots is built in to Mac OS X. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, you hold Command + Shift + 3. You should hear a sound like a camera shutter. Your screenshot is saved to your desktop. If you look there, you should see a new file. You can also capture just a portion of the screen. To do this, hold Command + Shift + 4. You’ll see that your mouse cursor turns into a crosshair. Drag a box around the area of the screen you’d like to capture. Again, your screenshot is saved to your desktop.

Q. Do you recommend a credit freeze to protect against identity theft?

A. A credit freeze prevents potential creditors from accessing your credit report. They won’t be able to issue credit in your name. This prevents identity thieves from opening new credit cards or loans. That is, provided the creditor even checks your report. It sounds good, but I don’t recommend it. The reporting agencies charge for freezes. You’ll also have to unfreeze your report every time you apply for credit. Besides, credit freezes don’t offer enough protection. Thieves can use existing accounts, for example. Skip credit freezes. Sign up for an identity theft protection service instead. It will be more convenient-and more effective.

Q. I want to connect my HDTV to the Internet. The instructions say I need a network bridge to connect wirelessly. What is a network bridge?

A. Network bridges are fairly common pieces of networking gear. Still, not many people understand them. They let you connect multiple network segments together. On home networks, however, bridges are mostly used to connect gadgets to an incompatible network. For example, a bridge lets you connect wired gadgets to a wireless network. This is the case in your situation. Choosing a bridge doesn’t need to be difficult. Follow your television manufacturer’s recommendations. Failing that, select one from the same manufacturer that made your wireless router. Just make sure the connections are right for your HDTV.

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