May 9, 2011

Kim Komando solves your computer problems

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Q. Should I buy the Kindle Wi-Fi or the Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi?

A. The Kindle is Amazon's popular e-book reader. The 3G+Wi-Fi Kindle costs $50 more than the Wi-Fi-only Kindle. This gives you unlimited 3G cellular connectivity for downloading e-books. You don’t pay a monthly fee. You may not need this, though. Most homes have a wireless network. Occasional travelers also won’t need 3G. You can load up the Kindle before leaving home. Frequent travelers will want 3G; you can download e-books whenever convenient. There’s also a new, ad-supported version of the Kindle. The Kindle with Special Offers is the same as the Wi-Fi-only model. You’ll save $25, but you’ll see ads. The trade-off really isn't worth it.

Q. My ex-husband is tracking my location. How is he doing this, and how can I stop him?

A. Start by examining your social-networking accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you’re only sharing information with friends. It is easy to pull location information from status updates and Tweets. Location data can also be pulled from posted photos. You should change your account passwords as well. He might be sneaking in. Check your phone for any apps you don’t remember installing. One of them could be a tracking app. He could also be using a keylogger to get information from your PC. Visit Komando.com/news for help detecting and removing keyloggers. Of course, you should also get the police involved if you're being stalked.

Q. I’m confused. How does the Windows System Restore feature work?

A. System Restore is a handy feature that can help you recover from problems in Windows. It takes periodic snapshots of your system settings. It also takes a snapshot when you install new programs or updates. Each snapshot captures the system files and programs at that point in time. If your system files become corrupted, you turn back the clock to an earlier point. This replaces the corrupted files with the older, uncorrupted files. It’s like an Undo button for your entire system. System Restore has no effect on personal files. You’ll still need a solid back-up system.

Q. What is a good note-taking program for Mac? I want something more versatile than a word processor.

A. A word processor will let you take quick text notes. You can also insert photos and lists. However, it is limited in comparison to a traditional notebook. You’ll want a dedicated note-taking program. Try the free Growly Notes instead. It lets you create and organize pages of notes. The pages can contain text, images, videos, charts and more. You can also try Evernote and Microsoft’s online OneNote app. Both are free. They are similar to Growly Notes but can be synced across multiple gadgets. You can also access your notes online. Find links at Komando.com/news.

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